Monday, April 20, 2009

Easter Holidayssss

Just handed in 1 assignment today and am taking a short break at the moment to blog. I'm such a dedicated blogger -_-''' Actually I don't want my pending entries to pile up until I'm fed up and refused to post it up anymore. So might as well do it asap.

So let's see... These are how I spent my week long of holidays.

Monday - Stayed at home because it rained cats and dogs and the damn Origin people who promised to come didn't turn up. Clubbing plan at Klub Kandy was cancelled thanks to the rain again.

Tuesday - Went for my first dim sum in Australia with a bunch of new friends at Sunnybank. Then proceed to Garden City for shopping. Slept at 4+ am because was busy chatting in MSN and excited about the snake.

Wednesday - Went to DFO for more shoppings but ended up with nothing much to buy but I had a wonderful day nonetheless. Headed back to Toowong for dinner.

Thursday - Went to Sunnybank for dinner and had soy bean custard (tau foo fa) as dessert. Ffk-ed Mark for the Byron Bay trip due to assignment commitment. Ampun!!!! T_T

Friday - Went out for dinner with high school friends. YOU CAN'T BELIEVE WHO I HAVE DINNER WITH!!! Those from Taman Megah and Taman SEA school friends, take a guess!! Think think think!!!!

The damn bus didn't come after I've waited for 45mins! %#!U&^#!

As you all may know, whenever I mention high school friend, the person I meant was none other than Sharon. But guess who joined us this time? ^^

Chee Simone wtf!!!!!! Remember her?

She went like, "Wan Yian!!! I didn't see you for 6 years already!!!"

-___________-''' She can remember clearly that it has been 6 years since I last saw her! And I'm SO glad that most of my old primary and secondary friends still remember my name T_T Well, Simone has changed so much, hasn't she? She's no longer the tomboy that we used to know. She's now very feminine and wears make up and skirts. Her smile was so sweet and cute. Not tomboyish laughter like how she used to have back then omg.

And her accent. Gosh. Her accent!

She has the thick American accent although she resides in Australia for so many years I don't know why.

A picture taken with her is a must! Otherwise have to wait for another 6 years.

The other friend of mine on that night was none other than Sharon. Lol. Sharon, your facial expression doesn't match Simone's. :p

See! Must be matching like this!!! She's Ying, Simone's friend who studied in Perth but now moved to Brisbane to study in UQ.

Simone you bitch! Why did you left us back then? Huh? Huh?? HUH????

Miss you so much!

When you hang out with them, there's one thing that you MUSN'T do. AT ALL! That is to speak the Malaysian language with all the 'lah', 'wei', etc. I love it when I get to speak proper English without being judged by people for showing off. I get to speak the way I like without having to fake it by adding in the 'lah' just to fit in to the group -_-

Sharon speaks with a slight Canadian accent because of her housemate.

Ying speaks with a slight of Australian accent because she has been staying here for years.

And Simone speaks with heavy American accent. Hanging out with them doesn't feel like I'm with the Malaysians XD

I like this photo because I looked genuinely happy in it. Which I truly was.

I wonder how long do I have to wait to see Simone again :( Hey girl, take care okay when you are back to Perth! Miss you heaps!!

(I think all 4 of us are pretty tall for normal Msian girl's height :p Simone and Sharon are both very tall! Ying wore heels. So I'm the shortest *sigh*)

Saturday - Ffked Chong and my housemates in the morning for not going to Harbour Town with them because I slept very late on the night before to do my assignment. Thanks to this assignment I became the FFK Queen for the week wtf! Sorry to both Mark and Chong T___T To compensate, I joined Chong and housemates for dinner at Kadoya in the city.

What scares me was when we were sitting outside of the casino waiting for Andy to use the toilet and when he came out, he immediately asked what I was thinking while I was looking up at the sky. Like, how the hell did he knows that whenever I'm not talking, I'll be thinking? Can you not read me so accurately dammit???

I feel insecure when people can read my mind 'ya know.

But it's great that at least he's not someone who might think that I'm pissed when I'm not talking but instead, I'm just thinking. I do think a lot! Ranging from the minor things to any major things in the world like politics, economy and etc wtf. So when I'm thinking, I don't talk much. When I don't talk much, I'm thinking. Lol....

Sunday - Was at home for the whole day by cleaning the house and rushing for my assignment.

How come 1 week passes so quickly??? It's time to stress again with the assignments and presentations workload once more T_T

Next up - my long overdue drinking+bday party at Sharon's place. Tonnes of photos will be posted too :)

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