Thursday, April 16, 2009

Dim Sum Brekkie And Garden City Shopping

On Tuesday (14/4/09) I joined Xu's friends for the famous dim sum in Sunnybank and we invited Yung Hui to join us.

All of us waiting to change bus at Griffith station.

But what we didn't expect was probably the number of people who came. We estimated around 6 people or so but the actual figure actually doubled what we estimated. It was good. Because all of them were so cute and friendly!!!

Here we are at the restaurant :)

These king crabs remind me of the dish that the 3 girls cooked in Beautiful Cooking II. It's freaking expensive!


Phan, when are you going to belanja us lobster again? Lol!

Ugly looking abalone.




Our maid of the day lol... Call her Siti wtf.

Xu and her friend, Marsha, were soooo helpful that day where they both walked up and down to bring us food! :p


More food...

More more food...


Too bad we already cleared some plates before taking the pic above. Otherwise you all could see the amount of food that we took that day -_-

In fact we actually ordered too much and couldn't finish everything on the table so we have to call for takeaway. And the bill came up to around $15 per person, which was lower that what I've expected (considering that Chinese food is exp in Aus. What's more dimsum).

To conclude, my favourite dish was none other than....

, not har gau or siew mai.....

it's this Polo bun (pineapple bun) with custard filling!!!

You know, that kind of polo bun in those Hong Kong dramas? It was really gooooooooood and I'm missing it while writing this T___T

Century egg congee.

This wasn't my favourite but it's merely a coincident that I took a photo of it so I might as well post it up. The congee was alright, except that it was a little too bland and we have add our own soy sauce. Love the century egg though ;)

Our Siti in action again.

Now it's time to introduce the girls on that day to you all.

Xu, Marsha, Ling Ling, Fang (if I'm not mistaken).

Amanda, Sheena, Annabelle, Rachel.

(Eh, I sincerely think that Amanda is a pretty girl ^^)

Ashley, Eunice, Jaclyn, Su Ann.

I HAVE TO SAY THAT I'M IMPRESSED WITH MYSELF FOR BEING ABLE TO REMEMBER EVERYONE'S NAME!!! Despite being famous for having the poorest memory, I could remember all their names! I'm wonderful. Please say I am!!!

After spending more than an hour for breakfast, we adjourned to Yuen's for Chinese grocery shopping before heading to Garden City with the girls for shopping!

It was my first time to Garden City and I must say that I'm pretty impressed with this mall although it's pretty small.

We girls, as usual, spent some money on shopping :p But I didn't spend much though! I'm determined to spend lesser nowadays and I believe I can do it wtf.

Taking a break for high tea.

Yung Hui spent the most on Tues but she loves her new jacket a lot. So it's well worth I guess :)

Didn't take picture of other girls though.

Our shoppings on Tuesday.

I'm not going to tell now what I bought now. I'll show you all in the next entry instead because I went for another round of shopping yesterday with another group of friends -______-


Yung Hui stayed over at my place on Tuesday night because we will be going out early on Wednesday for shopping. So she was onlining in my living room and I came out from my room to chat with her while eating my tapau-ed polo bun wtf as supper around 2am.

Out of a sudden, I saw a cab that stopped in front of my apartment and was looking around his car. I ignored him thinking that it has got nothing to do wit me. But out of a sudden, he screamed, "Miss! Miss!! Misssss!!!", calling for me. For a moment I was thinking whether I should answer him or just pretend that I didn't hear it and walk back to my room.

But later I felt that it's okay to answer him since he was downstairs while I'm upstairs.

What he was trying to tell me is that there was a sibeh huge snake right in front of our place and he asked us to call to the fire department to catch it. I went like, "WTF???"

His car actually ran over the snake so the snake was severely injured.

Seeing that I didn't really believed him, he persuaded me to come down to take a look at it. With the Malaysian mentality that I have for the past 20 years, I kinda hesitated - thinking that he might want to kidnap me wtf. So I lied to him and said that I don't want to come down because I was scared =________=''''

But the fact is.... I love snakes!!!! As long as they are not poisonous of course.

I even asked him to grab a stick to kill the snake for us! Wahahahahaha... But he said that he can't because the snake was really huge! Then coincidentally there were 2 cars that passed by and he stopped them to help out. The moment I saw the 2 Chinese guys coming down from the cars, I knew that it was for real.

I immediately grabbed my handphone and camera and dashed downstairs.

Xu: No Jaclyn!!! It's damn dangerous! Don't go down!!!
Yung Hui: Ya Wan Yian. It's really dangerous. Don't go out!
Su Ann: It's soooo dangerous! Don't go and stay here instead!!

Jaclyn: But I love snakes!! I want to see it!!!


Sorry I know I'm stubborn. But I was really excited at that time. I can't miss a chance like this!

But what excites me even more was the size of the snake that I saw.

Thanks to me for being a blogger, you all get to see how it actually looked like!


Isn't she a beauty?

We believed it's a python that uses her body strength to strangle her victim to death, but not poisonous :)

While all the guys tried to call whatever departments they can find but none of them were the right ones. In fact, I was told that we will be charged $150 to catch a snake! How ridiculous is that?!?!?!?!

Later the snake slowly slides towards the Child Care Centre and I immediately asked if anyone has a pair of gloves so that I can pull it back. I was worried about the kids' safety the next day! Since the snake was severely injured, I think I can pull its tail provided I have a pair of gloves with me. But nobody has it and it went to hide in the bushes beside the CCC. There's nothing that we can do so all of us left the place and headed back to our house.

On the following day, we girls dropped by at the CCC to inform the people about snake with the photo as evidence from my camera.

But I was updated today that the snake was caught. Thank goodness :)

Next entry will be my shopping yesterday and my purchases!

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