Saturday, April 18, 2009

Are you that type of person who can confide all your thoughts, feelings, problems and sadness to people or you are that type who will keep everything to yourself?

I, in fact, are someone who don't feel comfortable telling people my inner thoughts or share my problems with people and would instead, keep it to myself and solve the problems myself too. Maybe it was due to the way I was being brought up where I can't whine or going around telling people what's in my mind. But once I've gotten over certain issues and that issue is no longer bugging me, then I feel that it's alright to tell people.

So whatever I'm telling people, that means that those problems are something that I've gotten over it and I'm comfortable in sharing. I am certainly not that type of person who are able to tell people about things that are still bothering me at that moment. So you think you know me well? Think again. If you can read what's on my mind easily, perhaps that person is not Jaclyn.

Although I don't confide in you, but you can always tell me what's bothering you. I'm a good listener :)

And the point of this entry is...

Dear, I know you are extremely upset right now and I certainly won't ask you to tell me what has happened. I'll leave it to you if you feel that you can trust me to tell me instead. If you have personality like me, then I shall wait for the day where you have gotten over the issue and are ready to share. I may not give the best advise in this world but I'm willing to lend you my ears.

What I wanted you to know is I'll stand by you no matter what. You are my friend no matter what and as long as you are my friend, I'll always care and worry about you.

Take care and be happy no matter where you are.