Sunday, March 22, 2009

Yesterday was a night to remember. I went to my friend's house in Taringa for a drinking party and I officially announce that it was my first time drinking SO MUCH liquor in a night.

Besides drinking so much and bottoms up for a few rounds, it didn't managed to get me drunk and some of them said that I'm such a good drinker. But please, don't follow my way. Never. The feelings when I woke up this morning was damn horrible. I was feeling nauseous and dehydrated after leaving my friend's place.

Unable to sleep, I accompanied Xu to uni for the basketball game and thank goodness I felt so much better thereafter (except for the part where Andy purposely talked to me about liquor that made me wanna puke even more, that bastard).

I'm so going to blog about it after I got all the photos from the birthday girl's camera :) It was such an interesting night! But at the moment...

I think I'm not going to touch liquor for the next few weeks.
But beer is fine I guess.

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