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Summary of A Month Long Outings

For the past 1 month, I have been going here and there a lot and most of the time I wasn't at home because there's no internet. So whenever I'm at home, I'll be having drama marathon or simply playing around with Photoshop but right until today, I still don't have any inspiration for my new blog header T_T

Any idea for my blog header? I want it to be red and white :p

For the past 1 month, I have been to...

Chinatown for karaoke with Krystle and YYoke who came all the way from Melbourne for holidays.

On the same day itself, Yung Hui, who is obsessed with plush toys, managed to get herself a pretty big plush toy. Pretty big lor!!!

Random photo #4

Damn jealous please. I don't have the skills for games like this so I usually don't bother to try at all :( I guess I should set a rule that my soon-to-be-bf must win at least a plush toy of that size in order for me to like him wtf.

If you can see, I have been eyeing on that monkey for a loooooong time!!! But I'm waiting for other people to play that machine so that the monkey will be on top of other soft toys instead of staying at the bottom. LOL. Damn pandai kira I know.

Went out late at night to McD for supper with Yung Hui. Mine was the apple pie while the burger was YHui's.

Besides, I also went to our UQ Market Day which happens only twice a year for each semester intake.

And the Market Day was crazily packed and crowded until I can hardly walk pass people without rubbing shoulders with them!

Random photo #5

Really sibeh crowded and it's so scary.

On YYoke and Krystle's last night in Brisbane, we brought them to El Torito, a Mexican restaurant to try out.

It was also our first time there so I kinda doubted at first whether it's nice or not.

In order to dine in El Torito, it is advisable that you make reservation in advance because the place is alwaysssssss full house! You'll leave in disappointment if you were to go there without booking beforehand.

We were lucky. We have Andy to make the booking ;)

The food that you see above actually took roughly about 45 minutes to arrive!

But it's worth the wait because it's freaking tasty!!!! Mexican food is very cheesy so cheeselovers will love them :) Alright, that reminds me of my housemate Su Ann and Mark. LOL.

On 1 of the day, Andy suddenly rented a car and brought my friends and I to....

Random photo #6


The Ikea here looks just like the one we have back in PJ - minus the wooden furniture smell. There's where I bought SO MANY stuff to zhng my humble room. Now you can start counting how many Ikea stuff I have in my room the next time you walk in :p

I superrrr love my current room (I'm repeating myself again I know but I really can't contain my excitement) and I hope to zhng my room in Malaysia the moment I got back!!! Dad, you better prepare money for new furnitures in my room!!! I want so many stuff from Ikea, I want to repaint my walls, I want a bigger wardrobe with HUGE mirrors, etc. LOL.

Just kidding dad so no worries :) I'll work to earn my own money to renovate my room okay? Big girl already ma!!!

I also went for dinner at La Dolce Vita at Milton and the place is really beautiful! What is a wonderful dinner without the wonderful people right? :)

The very cute Jay Yi, intelligent Amanda and your blogger.

My son Andy with Jay Yi.

The food was awesome! Except for the pizza which all of us find it a little bit too salty because of the anchovies.

Another exciting experience that I have was none other than paying a visit to...

the Sexpo!!!!!!!!!

Please look at our hamsap face before entering the exhibition hall. The guys looked even more hamsap by the way. I'm not going to talk about this in details yet because I plan to write an entry specially for this. So stay tuned.

I also had a wonderful Thai dinner at an authentic Thai restaurant in Chinatown.

Looking at the photos above actually made me salivate now omg. The tomyam was awesome!!!

If you think I only enjoyed myself by going out for good food all the time, that's where you are wrong. I did work hard too okay?

Random photo #7

I actually helped to assemble this bed from Ikea for Andy!!! Powerful or not? Since young (primary school) I have been helping my parents to assemble those DIY furnitures and therefore, I'm pretty good at stuff like this.

Shamely to say, I'm pretty good at kerja pertukangan wtf. That's why I always score well for Kemahiran Hidup because I excelled in both kerja pertukangan and sewing+cooking! LOL!!!

You can also call me 'manly'. Not that I mind because I know I have never been those girlish girl to begin with. My younger brother used to say that he has a very 'manly' sister wtf T_____T Brother, I have to be tough is because I have to protect you as a sister lar!!!

In less than a week, here I am, back to Ikea again with a bigger group of friends! We went in 2 cars -_____-


And spent more money in buying more stuff to zhng my room. My mum is so gonna slap me already I swear T_____T

Had dinner at Little Hong Kong (in Sunnybank) and then proceeded to a dessert shop nearby that serves awesome tong sui! Yum!

Next was Klub Kandy revisited!

Klub Kandy event only happens 3 times a year so how can we miss this day right? I'll be writing an entry about this too so not going to elaborate on this just yet.

As compared to my previous clubbing photos, it seems like I don't have make up on for the photo above but I actually DID alright? Just that I was late on that day so I kept my make up to the minimal :p

Super duper fantastic Korean barbecue dinner which is comparable to my all time favourite BarBQ Plaza in Malaysia!!!

But since the Koreans are so health conscious, lards are not given. I miss playing with the lards while waiting for the food to be served back in BarBQ Plaza :p

Delicious food with wonderful friends again.

There were 9 of us but I was too lazy to take pic so I snapped those who were seated in front of me only. LOL.

Finally, the last event that I went to was....

UQMASCA barbecue gathering!!!

It's a Malaysian Sports Society or something I guess. We went because it's free.

To be honest, I didn't expect so many people to turn up on that day - with 60% Malays, 39% Chinese and 1% lain-lain?

1 word to describe about the food - bleh.
Forget it. We all can cook better than that I swear. But again, it's free so can't complain much right?

Can see the dude in black above? He gave out the worst rendition of Over the Rainbow I've ever heard of in my life.

Good job dude.

Totally random stuff:

Classes have officially started and I'm a little indecisive over which subject to take :(

I have soooo many good books to read but hopefully I have the time to finish all of it before my semester ends.

I just had Grilled Chicken at the Vietnamese restaurant in Hawken Drive and I love that place so much for the wonderful food served.

I need to print more resumes to look for a part time job.

I have all young Chinese male tutors for this semester. One of them is pretty good looking. LOL.

No handsome Chinese guys in my lectures so far except for a good looking Australian guy who happens to take the same subject as me last semester.

I'm superrrr nervous over my brother's SPM results that will be out today (Thursday)!!! You can do it! I have always believed in you ^^

I have super cute and crazy housemates! Super fun to live with them lor!! Will show you their face next time. At times I can't keep up with their energy level I swear. I'm old.

I'm hungry.

I'm craving for BarBQ Plaza.

I need to do my laundry tomorrow T___T

I have tonnes of difficult assignments for this semester. I hope it won't lead me to suicidal wtf.

I'm making more and more new friends so I'm very happy.

No class later that's why I'm blogging now.

I need to read a book and then have a good sleep.

Before I end here, to all my juniors, friends and most importantly my brother who will be collecting their SPM results today, here, I wish you all the best and good luck! Since all of you have been working hard for it, I bet your results won't disappoint :) Whatever it is, I'll be praying for you here!

Do update me please!

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