Monday, March 23, 2009

New Banner

Hello! Today's a great day and in order to celebrate, I'm putting up a new banner :)

Alright alright. Truth be told. Whether it's a great day or not, I'll still be putting up a new banner today. LOL. This new banner is done by Eunice out of boredom yesterday night and since I think it's pretty, I might as well use it right?

Thanks a lot Eunice!!! Love you!

Since I started blogging back in mid 2004, I have changed SO MANY blogskins just because I'm hangat-hangat tahi ayam before decided to create my own blogskins from now on so that it'll be exclusive and won't be having the same as the other bloggers.

Many years ago I have changed more than 5 times blogskins and the longest blogskin that I've used was none other than...

...this - my all time favourite.

(At that time, my fav colour was pink. Read:was)

After that I decided to brave myself with my limited knowledge in Photoshop to create my first ever banner...

...with my fav childhood hero of course.

(Fav colour was purple and white)

Few months later I got bored of it and vanity strikes...

I substituted my childhood hero with my own face wtf.

In less than half a year later, I'm changing it again to my new favourite colour now...

Red and white combination ^^

The background colour is a little mismatch but I'll change the colour later when my mood comes :p

Now, let's see how long will it takes before I decide to change to another new banner. At the meantime I might edit the banner and the layout colour a bit until I'm satisfied. Feel free to drop me any suggestions or comments for me to improve the outlook - either here or in MSN as you wish :)


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