Friday, March 27, 2009

My Mini Hot Pink Purchase

My happiest purchase at the moment ^^

Random photo #8

My mini hot pink hair straightener!

Specially bought to straighten my frinch. Reason for buying is because it's on sale, so it's freakingggggg cheap!! *beam* I wish they have it in red but too bad the colours available are only hot pink and black.

Like, come on! Black is so common!!! I want something different at least :p

Ever wonder how mini it is?

This small!

Oohhh~ I love it so much because it's so convenient and make my work (as in straightening my frinch) so much faster, easier and nicer because it can reach almost near to my hair root :)

Lately I've been cooking and eating at home for a couple of days in order to save more money for other stuff! Lol. Totally random I know.

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