Wednesday, March 25, 2009

If You're Not The One...

Remember the guy that I talked about while I was back in Malaysia? My ex-colleague from the company that I worked for only a month?

2 months have passed. And I came to realise that he's not the one for me. Maybe the LDR shall be put to blame because I personally don't believe in LDR. But to think from another perspective, if my feelings for him can come and go within a few months that easily, I guess those are what I call as...


But nonetheless, thank you for all the sweet wonder memories that you have given me. Thank you for all the compliments and encouragement. Thank you for everything. Thank you for being able to click so well with me that made me look forward to going to work everyday. You said this is fate. But I think it isn't.

Those are merely dreams that God gave me to make me feel better from all the turbulance that I went through. Sweet dreams.

Time to wake up and come to my senses once again.

So right now I will no longer be waiting to come home to meet you :) My options are opened once more. But I'm looking forward in working with you - as a colleague.

You may be what I've been looking for in a guy - gentleman, ambitious, smart and etc. We even shared the same dream! But the feeling is not right. LOL. I hope you'll be reading this although it's very unlikely that you will since you are so busy with your work commitment and also your business.

But I'll love you as a friend. Because we both clicked so well together :)

You guessed it right, JC. I do prefer working man because they are more mature and tend to look very smart in working shirt. LOL. That's why...

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