Thursday, March 19, 2009

I finally got my internet now!!! And the best thing about it is... the line is sooooooo fast until I feel like staying in Australia forever just for the sake of their super fast internet speed wtf. Now I feel like slapping Streamyx for monopolizing the internet service provider market with their so called fast internet.

I heard that Maxis broadband is crap too. Not sure whether it's true or not because I have never tried Maxis broadband before.

Now I can upload photos and blog!

Li Lee dear!! I miss you so dearly! Do you still read my blog? If you do, contact me (msn or email)!!! We need to keep in touch ^^

Seriously, I miss my long hair sooo much. I think I'm going to keep it long again instead of chopping it off to mid-length all the time. Just for a change. I can't wait to re-perm my hair too when I'm back to Malaysia!

Time to do a bit of research for my assignment and presentation before heading to my slumberland. Will update about Sexpo next! ;)

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