Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Happy to be alive

My new living place is still without internet so I'm forced to live a super duper mundane and lifeless life without internet.

I seriously doubt if I can live without internet for the rest of my life :(

I'm now at my friend's place to use their internet almost everyday and I also feel a little 'paiseh' lor! LOL. Before I summarize my life so far in my next entry (I have been going out everyday thanks to the life without internet wtf), I have a VERY INTERESTING story to share!

It happened just yesterday night. Super fresh story to tell :p

After my 2 lovely housemates left for their friend's place which was not too far away yesterday, I received a call from the guys who were having dinner in the city (time was around 11+pm, close to 12am) warning me not to leave the house no matter what!

The reason was because there was a crazy man walking around St Lucia with a gun in hand wtf!!!!!!!

I thought it was a joke initially but since it sounded so true from them, I began to get a little worried. It's because I was all alone at home and what if my house is so unlucky to be picked to enter and hold me as hostage wtf???

Just kidding. I ended up not giving a damn and headed straight to my room to watch TVB drama! LOL. The saddest would be my housemates because they can't come home due to safety reason and have to crash over at their friend's place where they complained that his room is sooooo stuffy and hot at night.

But thank goodness the crazy man men were captured this morning and our area is all safe again now :) Read the news about it here.

I swear I've never imagined such things to happen at my area! I mean, no such things happen in PJ for the past 15 years of staying there!

Well, welcome to Brisbane Australia people~

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