Monday, March 30, 2009

Guess what I got today!

Random photo #11
Chocolate as a note of appreciation/reward.

The story is, there's a group presentation today and the group is so creative to come out with the idea of rewarding anyone who answer their questions or speak during their discussions by giving out chocolates. So right now you must be thinking that "This Jaclyn must be super kiasu in answering question because she got herself a chocolate".

Wrong! I don't usually speak in Business Policy class because I'm not interested with the subject (I usually talk more in IMC class instead) but today, the group who's presenting actually wanted someone from my row to speak!!!

As usual I was keeping quiet, hoping that other fellas will speak instead but we ended up having a 10 seconds of awkward silence in the class waiting for someone from our row to talk. I have no choice but to answer because I really dislike awkwardness. It's weird with me. At times I kinda knew what the answer may be but I'm unsure. Whenever there's uncertainty or doubts in me, I won't speak. At all.

Unless I'm doing the subject that I'm interest in of course. Lol...

So yea. I answered the question and was rewarded with a chocolate.

How sweet ^^

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