Sunday, March 29, 2009

A Glimpse Of My Sunday

Since I moved to my new living place, I have never been happier to stay at home on every Sundays with my housemates instead of hanging out to waste money like how I used to back then.

Since I still can't blog about my friend's drinking party because I have yet to obtain any photos from her, I shall write something BORING to bore you people first! Ha!

If you are interested to catch a glimpse of my mundane weekends, this is what I do. If my housemates and I can wake up early on Saturday, we will be 'good housewives' to go to the West End market. I often choose Saturday to clean and tidy my room too.

On Sundays, Xu and I will be heading to uni at 9am to study for basketball game. Talking about this... How I wish I got to know Xu 6 months earlier!!!!! If I get to know her earlier, I would have play back basketball T_____T


I didn't want to play when I first arrived is because I don't have anyone to accompany me at that time. Now that Xu is playing for the girl's team, it's too late for me to join already since I didn't play sports (handball, netball, basketball) for years already! I have to choose either I (a) train back myself within few months for the tournament or (b) don't play at all.

I chose the latter. Intensive training to get back my grip within a few months is equivalent to killing me. End of story.

The captain made everyone run 5 rounds as warm up.

The silly captain.

As for today, the amount of turnout was pretty impressive.

This isn't just it. There were a few more who came later.

The group was divided into 3 where each group took turn to play. It was a pretty decent game although their game on every Fridays are wayyyyy better if I must say. While the guys turnout were satisfactory, that wasn't the case for the girl's team.

Only 4 of them. The dude on the right tumpang tempat aje. Lol.

Apparently the girl's team is lacking of players and they are trying very hard to recruit people. I'm very sorry but I really can't get back to my old self within a few months time. If 1 year then lain cerita.

Xu, why didn't you come last year??? T_________T

If I were to force myself hard, this is how I'll ended up in the end....

Random photo #10

After basketball, we will head home and proceed to clean the house! Yes, my housemates and I clean the house on every Sunday where we take turns to clean either the kitchen, living hall or the toilet :)

I need to get back to my journals already. Will be getting the drinking party's photos tomorrow! ^^ Just wait patiently~

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