Monday, March 16, 2009

First of all, congratulation to my younger brother for scoring soooooooo well for his SPM ^^

Your sis is so proud of you! You never fail to disappoint me - as always.

Now I bet you should be getting a lot moolah from family and relatives right? *ka-ching*
I just remembered that you still owe me a BIG 21st birthday present from last year right right right???

I know you are busy. So instead of you, cracking your head to think of what to buy for me when I come back middle of this year, please, feel free to pick 1 (preferably more) item(s) from the list below...

- Nintendo Wii.
- Plasma TV for Wii in future. Preferably in red please.
- External hard disk - 500GB and above. Slim. Maroon/red/hot pink is fine.
- To be released NDI.
- Huge wardrobe for my room in Malaysia.
- Queen size bed.

Brother... I just made your life easier, didn't I?

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