Saturday, March 28, 2009

Do you shower before going to bed?

According to the survey conducted by the CloveTwo and Kosmo! newspaper, it is stated that less than half of Malaysians shower before going to bed. Meaning, only 44% of them showers before they turn in for the day!

It says that it is important for us to bath before going to bed in order to get rid of the bacteria that we are constantly exposed to from all over the places. Besides, it is also recommended that we shower before we start our activities of the day. Reason? Read the link above for full explanation!

I find this article amusing because who doesn't bath before going to bed? I love getting a shower before sleeping because it's cooling and I'll feel very comfortable to sleep too.

So the question is... Are you in the 44% category or 56%?


I just realised that my hits and page views for the Sexpo entry was the highest for the week! Especially the page views which almost triple the amount of hits on that day. You know what does this means? It proves that you people are human after all!!! I bet Ken must have came back a few times on that day to look at the uncle's beautiful drawing using his little bro. Right Ken? :p

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