Sunday, March 08, 2009

Brother said that today (Sunday) our family, relatives and an aunt from Singapore will be going to Nirvana for Cheng Beng, to pay respect to my grandparents.

I carried out the Cheng Beng activities for the first and second year but I was unable to do it for the third year. A part of me is feeling guilty but oh well, can't help it isn't it? This time it's for both my grandpa and grandma but again, I'm not there.

And knowing that so many people will be going later to Nirvana makes me feel a little left out from the family. Again.

I admit that although my life isn't too happy with family back in Malaysia but I must say that there's this little part of me that shows that I'm still a pretty family-oriented girl. I enjoy family and relatives gathering for any occasion. Maybe we don't do it often so I do treasure all the gatherings and tried my best to attend whenever I could.

I may seem rebellious and not much of a filial daughter. But do you really know the real me?

"I looked up at the starry skies and I thought of you. Because I know that you'll be watching over me all the time. From a little place call 'heaven'. I miss you."

p/s - Damn I'm hungry now and I'm craving for roti tisu wtf.

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