Saturday, March 28, 2009

60 Minutes Without Lights

I have just experienced the Earth Hour.

And it's rather disappointing.

Reason is because some of the neighbours didn't even bother to switch off their lights.

I mean, I have no idea why I'm irritated by this since it's totally up to individuals whether they want to participate or not but not being able to see the Macquarie St in pitch dark is soooo disappointing lor! Thus I'm irritated wtf. Same goes to my housemates too!!!

Xu even went to wash dishes in the dark while Suann relied on her laptop for some lights to eat her dinner. LOL. We did off the lights! The photo above is taken with flash. This is how it looks like without...

Very scary I know. LOL~

Thankfully our unit is small and therefore we don't have to bang into walls/tables/chairs etc in order to go back to our room.

Random photo #9

I lit the scented candle in my room for a little bit of romance (all alone so romantic for what -_-) and my colourful mouse looked damn nice in the photo too.

But isn't it romantic? ^^ And my room smells good too! So it's all good :)

p/s-It even rained at 8.35pm! It's a sign from God asking us not to turn on the fan. He gave us natural breeze. LOl

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