Thursday, February 19, 2009

Random Photo #1

Yesterday went out for dinner with Andy, Phan and Sharmir (not sure about the spelling though). Here's a random picture taken of the day.

Random photo #1

We went to arcade and the guys spent their dad's hard earned money to play games! LOL...

From today onwards, I'll be posting a random picture taken on and off - pretty similar to Project365 but definitely not the same thing. For Project365, you have to post a photo everyday. Knowing that I don't take picture everyday, I'll fail in doing that for sure. So now I'll try to take at least 1 random picture to post whenever I remember. LOL.

Let's see how long this random photo thingy can last in my blog wtf.

Yesterday before I went to bed, I was browsing through my photo albums and I saw this! This very old yet classic photo taken back in 2007.

Remember this photo?

The reason why I said it was classic is because...

No no no. Not because of these 2 fellas.

It's because of....

First photo taken with KJ wtf!

As you can see, I'm running out of things to blog about because I'm very stressed out lately. Once I've found a new house and settled down, I guarantee I'll write more interesting stuff to entertain you all ;)

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