Monday, February 02, 2009

I need to clarify something to Li Lee.

It's not that I don't want to attend your birthday celebration last week but I was unable to attend due to some miscommunication between me and Meng Fai. Or perhaps, Jordan.

On that day of your celebration, I was told by MFai (seems like Jordan was the one who texted on his behalf, I don't know) told me that he has arranged KEAT to pick me up from my house. I was obviously horrified because of all person, KEAT IS THE ONE TO PICK ME UP????

Like, gosh, I haven't been seeing him for years! That's why I declined the offer and decided to make up for you next time instead. However, I was told by Andy Chong that that person is KEN, impossible to be KEAT -_________-'''

So yea, thanks to the wrong name but seemingly sounding the same name that caused me to give up in attending that night T______T

Seriously if he's KEN, I CONFIRM 100% won't be shy already lor! Right Ken? Right right right??? LOL. So sorry long ma T___T

Anyhow, lots of photos to blog soon ;)

Guess where I went to?

Of course not to forget my wonderfulllll day out with my girls~~

I love this photo so much ^^
Love the background.

I'm only left with 2 days at my current company T______________T
I'm so going to enjoy every hour, minute and second till I leave. My best and most fun job ever :)

Happy New Year to all the Hokkien people and that includes my mum!!!

Gonna have lots of fireworks when the clock strikes 12 around my neighbourhood for sure.

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