Tuesday, February 17, 2009

I hate to ask this question because I was asked 81234612418452 times by so many people.


How's your Valentine's Day peeps?

All I could say is, I totally regret coming back so early. I should have come back after Valentine 'ya know *sigh*

I had the most boring Valentine ever this year but well, I did convince myself that it's just the same day like every other days but still!!! -____-'''

Change topic change topic. Internet at my current place did not improve at all but instead, it has worsen. I can't come online most of the time and it's really annoying the hell out of me! And to those who concern, I haven't found a new place to shift to so if possible, try not to ask me in MSN alright? I'm already a little tension because my landlord kept asking us when are we moving out but due to some problems, it's hard for us to proceed with most of the application procedures.

So with you asking (I know you are concern, I know) me whether I have found a place or not, you are adding stress to me! Seriously if I have found a new house, I would tell you. I would announce. Whether you are purely concern or purely kepo, at the moment is not quite the right time to ask :)

I can't wait for my new semester to start! LOL. I'm so bored at home :p

Alright got to go now! More updates later~

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