Monday, February 23, 2009

How My Name Came About

While I was in Malaysia having a wonderful time working and hearing my name Jaclyn being called everyday, I began to love my English name a lot.

So much so that I'm so used to it and when people call me Wan Yian, I took a good few seconds to respond simply because nobody ever calls me by that name for more than a month in Malaysia wtf. (My close friends and family call me Yian btw)

My mum actually wanted to include my English name in my IC but us (brother and I), being the eldest grandson and granddaughter of the Wong's family, my grandparents dislike the idea and therefore it is not included. One day out of curiosity, I asked my mum how did she came out with my English name - with the rare spelling and all.

To my amusement, her answer was really short and simple!!!

"Oh, it's because I like Jaclyn Smith from the Charlie's Angels. She's really pretty!"


My name is taken from my mum's fav actress back then omg.

It's either she wants me to kick some asses or grow up as pretty as Jaclyn Smith, which I think the latter will never ever come true T______T

Alright you must be curious that among all 3 angels, which is the Jaclyn Ellen Smith that I'm talking about. Take a guess!!! She's the prettiest angel!

The 1 with long black wavy hair~!

Oh gosh I must admit that she's gorgeously stunning!

How I wish I'll look like her at the age of 62!!!!!!!!

Gorgeous! :)

How nice to be a parent because you can name your kids after your fav actresses/actors. Hm... I like the name Evolet a lot. The pronounciation is A-ve-lay :) Very special isn't it?

But I guess most Malaysians will pronounce it as A-vo-let though :(

I'm craving for apam balik now wtf. With extra jagung! Yum~

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