Saturday, February 21, 2009

Homeless No More

I'm in GREAT mood today!

I found a new place to stay so I won't be homeless next week! The first person that came to my mind when I got the unit is Hui Yee dear. She encouraged me yesterday night on not giving up so easily, kept asking me to be positive and she even lent me her good luck!*

Her good luck is amazing. In less than 12 hours I found a new place, gosh, I can't even believe it! :p

The new place is not to say extremely beautiful or what but at least it is better than my current place wtf. It's satisfactory I would say. Better than being homeless at least -____-'''

Alright I must kiss Hui Yee already when I see her! LOL.

The landlady said that among so many people who came today to inspect the house, she liked me best because I'm nice!!! LOL! I think she meant I'm bubbly smiley friendly. Happy until can die lor! XD

*my luck has been going downhill since last year so I need to borrow luck from people. How pathetic T___T

p/s - Whether I'm nice/smiley/friendly or not really depends on my mood wtf.

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