Friday, February 13, 2009

Change of Name

From now onwards, I'll be using my English name Jaclyn at full force.

That means I will introduce myself to new friends as Jaclyn instead of Yian. So hopefully when people mention Jaclyn, you know who they are referring to.

The reason is because for the past 1 month of working, I was so used to people calling me by my English name and since I hear my name all the time, everyday, for 1 freaking month, I am now not so used to people calling me Wan Yian.

It feels weird.

Friends who know me for years, please do not change the way you call me alright? Otherwise I'll feel even more weird. LOL.

So yeap. This is another step towards a new me.
Get used to it I don't care!!! ROAR!

Happy Valentine's Day~!