Saturday, February 21, 2009

Betrayal is the biggest sin of all

Bad lucks are beginning to pour in again.

I just have 1 simple question to ask the 1 above.

When will it end?

If you, God, merely wanted to test my endurance and make me grow up to be a more independent person, I think those obstacles that I've been through is more than enough. How long do you still want to put me through all these sh*t????

I'm tired. I've learnt enough. More than enough.

I learned a lot more than an average person does through personal experience and I stood up again and again. But at times I do wish to have a person to help me out by giving me a helping hand.

That person is what I called true friend. Otherwise I'm not sure if I'm able to stand up once again in future. In these 3 months, I know the feelings of losing a person you truly love, not being able to be loved due to LD, how significant you can be in a family, a silly mistake that causes a huge problem to others, financial problems, friendship problems and etc.

But what I hate most at the moment is the feelings of being betrayed by a friend. Despite having bad memory, I can't forget easily if a person ever betray or lie to me. You think I'm living in denial? Think again :)

I know more than you do idiot!!!

I'm so over you. You are not worth my time and effort anymore in future. Whatever problems you faced in future, don't expect any help from me. Till then, I'll let you feel how it feels like to be betrayed. I have no mercy on friendship that I'd given up on. I'm not going to be a nice person anymore. At least not to you.

People like you don't deserve any true friendships because you used all the friends you have around you. May you lead a lonely life and being surrounded by friends who fake themselves in front of you in future.

I'll just have a nice sleep tonight and see what obstacles that is awaiting me tomorrow. Try me and I'll show you (God) that I'm NOT a weakling!!! Stand up I shall no matter how many times I fall.

And as usual, I'm not going to shed a single tears :)

Random photo #3

I took this photo randomly this afternoon and looking back at it, I have a different view of it now. Initially I thought it's sweet to have a company wherever you go to.

But now I felt that having a person with you is not the most important thing. But knowing that there's someone who stood by you through ups and downs within a distance is even more important. And thank you to those who stood by me all these while without me noticing it. I took you all for granted. But I'll change from now onwards :)

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