Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Attention to all:

I'm back to Australia yesterday night - safe and sound. I'm still alive and kicking so you don't have to worry about me at all. I'm really glad to be back to the place where I'm happy to be in, without much worries and stress.

I still love Malaysia. But at the meantime, Malaysia gave me too much unhappy memories for the past few months and therefore, I hope to live somewhere else till I am ready to accept all the things that had happened.

While I was waiting at the airport with Mark yesterday morning, I was all delighted to be finally going back to Australia - a place with total freedom and free from all arguments. But not till I receive phone calls and smses from my colleagues and friends that touched my heart so much, so much that for a moment, I felt that I'll lose all my friendships that I have if I were to leave Malaysia.

I was so afraid.

But I have faith in my colleagues. And all the friends who really cared for me. I believe things will never change till I come back, right?

Since I turned off my phone the moment I board the plane, I received so many smses from colleagues and friends when I turned on my phone in Gold Coast airport yesterday. Here I am, replying all of them here because *cough* smsing to Malaysia is going to cost me a bomb!

- I will remember to take good care of myself.
- I will TRY to become prettier when I come home. LOL.
- I will TRY to take more Vitamin C and try not to fall sick anymore in Aus.
- I will TRY to get myself a sexy angmoh there wtf. LOL.
- I will remember the number of times you ffk-ed me while in Malaysia. You can't escape so you know what to do when I come back :p
- I will not forget you people's koala bear.
- Hopefully I will be your partner when I come home.
- I will, for sure, to keep in touch with you all.
- I will send the photos to you asap.
- I will try not to be won't be "naughty" I promise. LOLLLL...
- I promise to club with you all when when I come back.
- I promise to go out for a date/yamcha/lunch/etc with you.
- And yes, I'm leaving you, for 6 months only so don't be sad :p

And most of all, thank you for all the smses and cares. Finally I know what true friendship is. I just mentioned once or maybe twice about the date and time I'm leaving and you people really remembered! Words can't explain how I felt but most of all, I'm happy to have you all as friends.

Those who can't remember when I'm leaving despite telling you a gazillion times, those who didn't wish me nor send me any smses, you don't have to worry. I know what my friendship is to you because that proves that I'm a nobody after all.

I do not expect anything more from you. Not anymore. My heart just died as time goes by. Since I came back, I can feel that things are not the same anymore. But you know what?

I can assure you that things will change even more 6 months later.

Don't blame me. Blame yourself.
I just gave up on you. Once and for all.

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