Monday, January 12, 2009

Yet Another Promotion

Today marks another day that is worth remembering in 1 of my random working days.

Today the permanent girl reported to work and instead of handing all the task to her like what I expected to, instead, I have to share half of her workload simply because she was unable to learn up every single things in a day's time. I was extremely annoyed because I was forced to learn and memorise everything in 1-2 days time but this girl gets the priority to learn things slowly and step by step.

Now that I am now a pro at what I'm doing and *voila* I have to pass everything to another girl to do it. To top it off, I have to teach and guide her some more!

So why I said today is another day worth remembering is because I (temporary staff) not only have to teach 1 permanent staff but also other temporary staffs who came in earlier or almost the same time as me too! It felt extremely weird because it seems like I've been working there for a year but in fact, it's only a week.

Some temporary staffs worked even longer than me! And I have to teach them because I learned so much in a week than those who worked there for 1-2months -___-

All my colleagues were saying that I'm like a permanent staff because I was SO FREAKING busy teaching people and completing my work at the same time. To be honest, I never like to teach because I dislike repeating my words over and over again.

That's why I'm not a teacher.

Today I stayed back for OT again and right before I leave, my superior told me that tomorrow onwards, she wants to promote me to handle a file myself! I'll be taking over 1 of the many files that she's handling. All on my own. Just like the rest of my colleagues.


I really don't know if I should laugh or cry.

I'm surprised to be promoted faster this time (in 1 week's time) compared to 2 years ago when I got promoted twice in 2 months for another company. Isn't it too fast??? I don't want to learn up everything so quickly otherwise I don't have anymore things to learn before I resign.

I work to gain experience, learn and to brush up my interpersonal skills. Money usually comes last as long as it wasn't too bad till it's unacceptable. To me, no point paying me well if I don't learn anything from there and I seriously do hope to learn many things from the Finance department before I resign.

The pace is too fast for me to digest, you understand?

Oklah. Promote me to handle a file is not a problem. Teaching other staffs is not a problem too. But salary got increase or not? LOLLLL....

I felt like a kuli.

Before that, I have to sign for all the cash sales, prepaid, delivery sales, etc that people from other departments passed to me and because I see them everyday, I've already forged a strong friendship with them (cliche because I only worked for a week but it's true!). I felt really happy when they all said that they prefer to deal with me instead. I'm so blessed!

But well, give the new girl a chance :)

Arhhh!!! I love all the people there! Such a wonderful experience to work in such a big company ^.^

Got to sleep now. Tomorrow will be another long day of learning new stuff! I'm excited.

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