Saturday, January 10, 2009

The Working Life Continues...

I'm beginning to enjoy my job now. Unbelievable!

I can't believe I just said that omg.

For someone who dislikes calculation so much like me saying that I'm enjoying my job at the moment isn't too convincing yea? Here are a few reasons and updates on my current working life in point form for easy reading.

My mood is good at the moment. That's why I'm so nice. LOL.

1) I took 2-3 days to understand how MOS and Accpacc work and now I can say that I've mastered 80% of it. Thus life is not too miserable now.

2) My colleagues are superrrr cute and funny. Therefore whenever they see me stressed out, they'll joke and disturb me so that I'll relax a bit.

3) My colleagues are really patient in teaching me and answering all my doubts because I do ask a lot whenever I don't understand.

4) I'm a perfectionist. When I work, I make sure that I'm doing my best and perform.

5) I'm closer to the Malay colleagues than the Chinese gang. Reason is because the Malay girls and guys are so friendly as they approached me more than the Chinese gang.

6) The Chinese colleagues find me intimidating -____-''' But they are very friendly and sweet too :) They often offer me snacks.

7) Colleagues commented that I'm very serious when I'm working. [Refer to #4] Yes, when I'm working, I'm really serious in completing my work and since I have such heavy workloads, I really don't have much time to ber-bonding with them.

8) I'm a workaholic. I don't mind working OT even if I don't get paid (I do get paid don't worry) in order to finish my work. Unless my dad came early to pick me up.

9) In less than a week, I won praises from other departments but not from my own Finance department. Guess I still need to work harder. 我还要努力!!!!

10) I am the only temporary staff who has a permanent place to sit while others have to move to different departments everyday. Well, I'm also the only temporary staff doing permanent staff's work okay.

11) I'm having more and more friends from other departments because so many of them came to befriend with me. I'm so blessed.

12) According to my colleagues, there are quite a number of guys from other departments asked them about me. I'm happy because I can make more friends ^.^ But not all dare to approach me because I don't smile much while working. I look lc and not very approachable konon-nya. LOL.

13) I make funny faces when I'm stressed out.

14) More and more good looking guys are seen around my office. I believe they are from the IT department. I want to go to the IT department!!!

15) So many people from other departments asked me to work longer than a month but unfortunately, I can't :(

16) I speak Malay so often now that I'm beginning to neglect my Cantonese language -____-

17) Wherever I go to, I hear people mentioning my name. Weird is that I don't even know them! Like when I came to work yesterday, there are 2 girls who walked pass me and said, "Dia lah tu yang ganti Aisyah. Nama dia macam adalah.... Jaclyn I rasa. Dia fehmes. Lawa kan?"

Wtf. I'm unhappy. I don't want rumours like that dammit. I want to be recognised for my hard work. I want to be famous and successful for my hardwork!!!!!

18) I'm finding my work to be easier now because I know how to imply what I was taught within a few days time. I learn things faster in practical rather than theories.

19) How I wish I'm hardworking and a perfectionist in studies rather than working.

20) My frinch is getting longer and it begins to poke my eyes.

21) I have less than 5 hours of sleep every night because I'm so used to sleeping late and have yet to adjust back to 'normal' sleeping hour. That's why I was knocked out at 9.30pm yesterday night. LOL.

I think that's all that I want to say at the moment. I still have to work hard and set lower expectation for myself.

Uni friends might want to yamcha while secondary school friends might want to club tonight. Both parties asked me already but both plans are still under planning, not confirmed yet. Question is, which one should I choose if both also on? Uni or secondary friends? Yamcha or clubbing?

:| I don't mind going out at on weekends because I work on weekdays and I would like to party once a while too.

Have a wonderful weekend!

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