Thursday, January 22, 2009

Me: Tell me seriously, what would you do if I happen to tell you 1 fine day that I have already found a bf myself?
Him: To tell you frankly, I don't know what I'll do nor react too. I really don't know!

After a long pause...

Him: I guess I'll still wait for you....

I'm really not worth your time. Neither am I good enough for you.

Today was really freaky!!!

As usual I went out for lunch with my colleagues and there's this man from the Sales department followed us all the way to the mamak! Then he pretended that he wanted to lunch there, saw us and 'self-invite' himself to join us for lunch. I thought everything was for real until the other 7 of my colleagues laughed.

It was then I knew that this man is actually interested in me and trying to get close to me -_____-'''' Wtf. In fact, he was already interested in getting to know me since my first day of work in the office! Everyone in my department knew about this except for myself. No wonder I kept hearing my name here and there in the office.

So right. He sat down with us, talked to my colleagues before speaking to me all the way until we finish our meal. What's worse was when he actually asked a lot of private questions before asking for my number, email and etc. I really don't feel like giving him my contact but I felt that it's rude if I ignore him in front of my colleagues. So I ended up giving him my email address.

Like hell I'm going to give him my hp number!! Seriously I don't give my number to people I'm not closed to, what's more some random fellas.

But thanks for paying for my meal. I felt so embarrassed.

I have a lot of interesting stories to share about what happened in the office with you people like how guys now trying to strike a conversation with a girl, how to get her attention and etc but I'm pretty tired to type so much tonight :p

It seems like my blog is lacking of something - photos!

But since I'm busy with work life and whenever I hang out with friends, I prefer to enjoy the moment together rather than taking photos but well, here are a few taken for the past 3 weeks. LOL.

Stressball (call it a stressvan if you like -__-) for us to release stress.

There are so many of it around our department so you can start guessing how stressful our department is. Wahahahaha...

Though work is stressful , but with wonderful colleagues we have, everything just seems to be so fun!

We received a forged RM50 the first week I started my work.

It was my first time encountering a forged note so I took photo of it as remembrance lol.

Seriously, DAMN YOU WHO MADE THIS FAKE NOTE!!! You just made our department lost RM50 you moron!!!!

That's right. That are the amount of photos I took for the past 3 weeks. LOL!!!!

I want to do a cosmetic review in my upcoming entry! There's something that I rave about lately and I wanted to share with all the ladies!

Hopefully I'm not lazy lah~

Yes my life is good now! Love life is good, relationship with family has been well, friendship is steady except for my wealth and health life which have been going downhill lately. But I'm learning to be contented with life! No such thing as perfect life so I'm really really happy now. I thank God for being so kind to me.

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