Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Mascara Fever!

The mascara fever in me is back!!!!

Yes! This is the cosmetic review that I talked about. As everyone knows, I'm a mascara freak (if you didn't know, that simply means you are not that close to me. Come closer wtf!!). I love mascaras so much and I do have many mascaras in my cosmetics box but I always use the same damn mascara whenever I make up.

Call me weird. But I have the urge to buy mascaras that have good reviews in the net.

So this time around, I purchased 3 mascaras in a week's time to try. For review. To fulfil my curiosity. To test whether all the hype about it is true or not. So first up is...

Flamingo mascara

I've heard all the raves about how good this Flamingo is from the net by the girls but just didn't have the initiative to purchase it the moment I got to know where this mascara is made from.

It's product of China.

But this time around, there are MORE good reviews about this mascara so I went ahead to purchase it. It came in 2 tubes - 1 tube of fiber and another tube of transplanting gel. It's easy to apply. First of all you apply the transplanting gel (normal mascara), put on some fiber at the tip of your lashes and then finish it with another coat of transplanting gel.

If you want it to be longer, repeat the steps until you achieve your desired result :) But I dislike my lashes to be too 'heavy' because by then it's a little hard for it to stay curled for the day.

Results? UNBELIEVABLY good!!!

Relian mascara

This is another product from China that many people claimed that it's even better than Flamingo!

Looking at the reviews, I immediately bought 1 for myself to test out the claim. LOL. Very impulse buy - as always.


Just like Flamingo, Relian came in 2 tubes as well. The thing that I like about Relian is the packaging. It's wayyyy prettier than Flamingo's.

The difference between Flamingo and Relian is the fiber. Flamingo has white fiber while Relian has black. What's the difference you ask? I HAVE NO FREAKING IDEA. But both work well for my lashes and made my lashes look like faux lashes. It's all that matters :)

Maybelline Unstoppable Curly Extension

You cannot imagine how hard it is to look for this mascara!!!

I have been to soooo many pharmacies to look for this but they are always, I repeat, always out of stock wtf. I have no choice but to pay a visit to the Guardian in Sea Park (more ulu ma) and I was lucky that the above is the last tube left.

I'm a loyal fan of Maybelline Unstoppable range. The brush for this new Curly Extension is a little curved so that makes the application so much easier I swear!!! Plus the colour is so black (wth am I saying?) that 2 coats of it on my lashes are more than enough. The texture is so light and my lashes stayed curled (not to mention long too!) for a few hours.

However, the staying power for this Unstoppable is not as good as Flamingo or Relian if I must rate. But Flamingo and Relian are more clumpy if you did not apply carefully thanks to the fiber. Unstoppable is much much easier to apply and doesn't clump at all.

Overall, I find that my money is well spent on these 3 mascaras because I'm truly, truly satisfied with the results achieved. I love all 3 of them and I'm using them alternately whenever I make up.

I'm a happy girl and also a fatty girl now T_____T
I indulged so much a little bit during this festive season.
Omg can die already now.

Tomorrow back to work! I'm so happy!!!! It's so boring to stay at home even just for a day :| I'm a workaholic after all. LOL.

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