Saturday, January 03, 2009

The Life Changing Year of 2008

Time flies!

In a blink of eyes, I'm 21 years old and it's already 2009. Freaky isn't it?

So, it's the time of the year again for me to reminisce the road that I've taken and things that made my life interesting during the past year.

Are you willing to walk down the memory lane with me?

Went to see Jay Chou again in One Utama for his Kungfu Dunk promo.

Celebrated May Yoong and Li Lee's 21st Birthday.

Chong's 21st Birthday+Farewell party at The Curve's Redbox. Come to think of it, that was the only time I went to sing k for the whole year of 2008! Very sad.

Not long later, went to send Chong off despite knowing that I'll be joining him 4-5 months later.

Wore Cheongsam for the first time (although I was just trying it on) and celebrated Siew Ling's 21st birthday.

Teng and Wai Mun both had their 21st birthday party on the same day. Therefore, pity us for rushing to 2 parties that night.

Worked for Nike This is Love event. Which is Malaysia's biggest women only party~

Celebrated Jordan's 21st Birthday!

Volunteered to work for a charity event and met lots of local celebrities.

Went to Genting with my darlings as a farewell trip for me. Because I divided the trip into 10 entries, it's better for you to click on the June archive instead.

First class gathering in HELP! Dr Rahim is a very entertaining lecturer!

Went for second farewell trip with my darlings again and I had such wonderful memories in Tioman with them!
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4
Part 5
Read to know how we got all the unwanted attentions from the guys there.

Florence and Teng gave me a very memorable birthday gift by bringing me to fish spa! I was so freaked out till I screamed for a good 30 mins there -___-

All my good friends came for my farewell night. Thanks a lot :)

Relatives came to send me off. Which is sadly, the last time for me to see my grandma ever again.


I love Australia SO MUCH that I really hope to reside here. But I know I don't stand a chance. Super sad. I love the weather, the country, the people, the food, everything! Being able to stay in Aus is one of the best thing that ever happened to me.

Mike and Miss A came to find us and we brought them to so many places! The photo taken above is taken in Harbour Town.

Went to Movie World.


Celebrated my 21st birthday in Australia. That night was super cold and all of us almost froze to death. LOL.

- Road trip to Sunshine Coast. To read, click on the August archive because I'm lazy to post the links here.

- A close relative of mine passed away. I was utterly upset by this news.

Ekka!!! I love Ekka a lot!!! I can't wait for next year's Ekka Day to come ^.^

First clubbing in Australia.

Brisbane Riverfire was magnificent.

Went to join my uni's Mooncake Festival and made lots of friends there.

Yung Hui's smashing 21st Birthday party.

Celebrated Timmy's 22nd Birthday and all of us went to Showgirls. That was my first experience of entering a strip club. Very disappointing to be honest.

End of the semester and out to celebrate Sim's belated birthday.

Best club I've ever been to!

Went to Surfer's Paradise for holiday.

And not to forget, another great experience in Dreamworld.

Though I don't get to celebrate my Christmas in Australia, but at least I get to feel the atmosphere.

- Losing a person who is even more important than my parents to me. Losing my grandma became the biggest regret in my life and until today, I still can't get over it totally.


- Went to Star Live concert and had a great time there. I'll write about that when I have the mood in future :p

Sported a new hairstyle for 2009 and seems like everyone loves my new hairstyle a lot I don't know why. A refreshing change perhaps?

- I became an aunty!!! My baby niece's name is Clarisse. I'll take picture of her when I have my camera with me next time.

A Wonderful New Year eve with close friends :)

My advice to Li Lee is... next time don't even think about drinking a few sips of liquour ok? LOL!!!

My life is not really interesting but I gained and lost a lot of things along the journey of me growing up. Some I'm really grateful of but at the same time, I'm deeply saddened by some losses that caused me to live with regrets for the rest of my life.

2008 is a really bad year for me.

But looking on a brighter side, I believe I've matured a lot thanks to all the obstacles that were threwn in my life. Good news to my parents, I'm more homey now because I tried my best to spend more time with them instead of going out every single day :)

As for the year 2009, more good luck please!

I'm going to bath now because I just came back from yamcha. To you, I give you 6 freaking months to stop smoking! 6 months!!! Take it as if you do it for my sake and please don't disappoint me. Asking you to quit smoking is for your own good, it doesn't mean anything else -___-'''

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