Thursday, January 15, 2009

I am loving my life now. A lot.

I think God pities me for all the hard times that he gave last year and decided to "reward" me a little at the moment and everything just seems to be too perfect to be true.

I hope good times like this will last till the end of this year! LOL. I'm so greedy!

Our department has party today to celebrate my colleague's birthday and man, I felt so embarrassed because they don't allow us (temp) to chip in money as they use the money from the Finance fund.

I barely worked for 2 weeks but we already have 4 celebrations in the office. That means that I already eat for free for 4 freaking times. I felt soooooooooo embarrassed. That I haven't include all the high teas that they offered forced me to take almost everyday.

I love every single one of them to bits!!!!!

p/s - Sorry for the short entry because I'm too tired to blog :( Maybe I'll write a longer one with photos soon! SOON!!!

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