Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Hectic Working Life


To all the lovely people,

I'm still alive and kicking!!!

I got so many things to talk about but I just don't know where to start. Alright. I guess I shall talk about my gratitude towards my friends first. Thank you all so much for all the lovely feed backs regarding my *cough* hairstyle although it has been a month old and you people are still praising it. I'm so happy until I feel like throwing a party to celebrate my new hairstyle wtf.

Obviously a joke so please don't come and bombard me with your nonsense without reading it at least twice to get my meaning.

I certainly did not expect people to accept my hairstyle faster than I do since the last time I sported a short frinch was back in kindergarten (very 'in' that time. All the '87 babies should know!). And my hair actually brought me more good luck in another aspect but well, let's not elaborate on that.

Now let's talk about my work. So many of you (friends of course) asked about my work and I'm really tired of repeating the same thing over and over again. I'll talk about it for 1 last time :)


Initially I got this full time job as a data input clerk in a relatively big company called GD Express (GDex for short) in Oldtown. And allow me to explain on this. I'm NOT working in Oldtown White Coffee or whatever crap please! Wahahahaha... It's so hilarious when I told people that my working place is in Oldtown and they spontaneously asked me which branch I'm in.

In Petaling Jaya, besides having many Damansaras like Mutiara Damansara, Damansara Perdana, Kota Damansara, Damansara Jaya, etc, there are a few Towns as well like Oldtown, Newtown, Uptown and etc.

Moi is working in Oldtown, which is near to the Newtown or the PJ State geddit?

Initially I'm pretty happy to get this job because they are so kind to take me in for just a month! I thought luck was on my side. Not until my first day of work.

On my first day of work in the Finance department which was last Friday, it was also the last day for Aisyah because she resigned on Wednesday. Therefore, in 1 day's time, I'm suppose to take over all her jobs and you couldn't imagine how stressful I was at that time.

She's a permanent staff who worked for more than a year in the company. And I have to learn up everything in a day. Leng mou?

Sometimes, life is really interesting and God loves me to no end. Knowing that I dislike calculations and that's why I chose to major in Marketing. Instead of having a laidback job of keying in datas, I'm now doing basic calculations for accounts, bank-in and cash sales everyday.

To top it off, there are tonnes of datas and calculations waiting for me everyday!!!!

Each time I balance the account and it's not tally, I cursed. Each time I uses the software to calculate and there are problems with the figures thanks to the other departments, I cursed. Each time the Credit department gives me problem due to the insufficient datas, I cursed.

I cursed and cursed and cursed.... in my heart.

Though my job is tough, but thank goodness I have a bunch of extremely patient colleagues to help me out whenever I'm stucked. For those who wonder why I'm able to do accounting and finance job since I'm not in that major, my question is... why not?

I'm doing the basic stuff and moreover, who can't do it after learning how to use the software? SERIOUSLY! I was taught how to use the Accpac and although it was tough, confusing and very troublesome because there are many steps, but after I understand how it roughly works, life is less miserable now.

Even my brother also agrees that Accpac is quite difficult to use so don't blame me for whining! I'm not in accounting nor finance major plus I dislike figures very much. So being able to learn everything up in a day considered quite good already lor XD

My job is at its peak from 11-1pm because I have to key in the sales data and complete all the bank-in before 1pm as Mr K (don't want to reveal name. Later he fehmes) will come and collect all the cash and cheques from me. He's such a niceeee man because knowing that I'm new, he actually waited for me patiently yesterday and today without rushing me one bit. You are superrrr nice can!

Because of this bank-in work, I almost missed my lunch time twice out of 3 days of working. Leng mou?

So to sum things up, my job is very hectic until I don't even have time to pangsai so that's why I come home half dead every day. The most stressful moment would be the end of the day when you are rushing to go home and then voila! - the account is not tally and you have to recheck the figures 1 by 1 in the statements/reports or from the Accpac software to find out why it's not tally.

I almost scream out loudly today because I'm dying to go home (30mins OT already) and my dad is waiting for me at the guard house but the work is not done yet. So finally after I've balanced the account, keyed in the datas, printed out the reports to the Credit department and my superior, I left the office immediately.

Tomorrow only continue lor what to do =(

Another reason why I'm tired is because I have to walk to a few departments in my heels and damn, the company is quite big. You get what I mean *sob* But the good news is, I spotted a cute guy in the Marketing and Brand department! LOL. And that's just right beside my Finance department!

So there's 1 Chinese saying that is so true.
"When God closes all the doors, he'll leave at least 1 window for you"

Wah freaking true.

God is opening more and more windows for me!!! Weeeee~~

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