Saturday, January 24, 2009

Footie Shirts

The cosmetic review entry will be up next. Not tonight because I'm not in the mood to write a lot as I'm feeling lethargic.

However, here's something that excites me.

My brother bought my mum and I a t-shirt each!
They are not your ordinary kind of t-shirt but football club t-shirt. Jealous?

Come come. Let kakak show you how they look like :)



Arsenal shirt belongs to my youngest brother. He bought this himself months ago so he don't get the treat from my brother. LOL.


Arsenal-Up close.

Unfortunately the picture of the players printed is a little small because Arsenal is the first design that the seller came out with. Yes, apparently the seller drew and printed all the shirts himself and therefore, they are sold at limited period only.



Liverpool shirt belongs to my mum.


Just in case you didn't know, my mum is a hardcore Liverpool fan. She tries to watch every single Liverpool match whenever she can.

Liverpool-Up close.

In my family, my elder brother supports Chelsea, mum supports Liverpool while my younger brother and I support Arsenal. But unfortunately (again), my elder brother wanted to collect all Big 4 shirts and therefore, I have to sacrifice to accept....

Man Utd

Man Utd-Back.

...the Manchester United shirt.

Man Utd-Up close.

But it's not like I'm going to complain because I think among all, Man Utd's shirt is the cutest! ^.^

Man Utd-Front. My brother thinks I'm so fat until he got me a M instead of S size. It's really BIG!

I love it so much that I wore it immediately the following day to work and so many people asked me about my shirt. As expected, the first question that they asked was...

"Eh??? You support Man U 1 meh? I thought you support Arsenal???"

-_____-'''' Yalar. But do I have a choice?

Many people asked where I bought it from because they are interested to purchase but too bad, I don't think the seller is selling the Arsenal and Man U shirt anymore because he is currently selling the Liverpool one. My elder brother is waiting for him to come out with Chelsea and that completes all the Big 4 shirts!

As for my dad? I think we'll just get him Westbrom shirt lah since he knows nuts about football :p

p/s - Westbrom ranked last in the EPL list if you didn't know. LOL....

Alright. Got to tidur now because I have to wake up early tomorrow to help mummy to cook. Good night :)

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