Sunday, January 11, 2009

2009 Resolutions

Remember about my 2008 new year resolutions that I posted early last year?

Let's see which 1 I've accomplished among the 10 resolutions that I listed last year shall we?

My resolutions list includes the following:-

1. Have more trips with friends and family.
I've accomplished this last year by having 2 trips with college friends. But sadly, none with my family. This year, hopefully I would be able to go for trip with my secondary friends too.
I went not one, but TWO trips with my secondary friends!!! But sadly, I don't have a single family trip because my brother wasn't around for the early half of the year while I wasn't around for the second half of the year. But well, I consider that I have accomplished the mission above.

2. Continue my hiking every weekend.
Frankly speaking, I would prefer to go to gym like I used to but oh well, since I got no financial backup from my dad, I opted for the FOC version instead -_-''' Hopefully I won't give up halfway through.
Not too bad. Although I don't get to hike on every weekend because I was busy, but I managed to go pretty often and whenever I could. Mission accomplished!

3. Bake and cook more.
Another accomplishment of mine last year. I actually cooked and baked a lot last year! So, hopefully I'm able to continue my spirit for this year.
This mission accomplished to the max. I cooked everyday in Australia! Otherwise I'll die of starvation already. I cooked more but baked lesser last year but well, another mission accomplished :p

4. Work more to get more experience and money.
I like to work because of the experiences that I can get and at the same time, able to learn to work with different people with different personalities. More money means more trips and shopping!
I'm SO happy that I worked a lot last year! Though the pay isn't too much for every job that I accepted but I make a point to accept different jobs so that I'm able to learn from different fields and angle.

5. Maintain my current hairstyle or change a new 1.

FINALLY, I permed my hair!!! Yes, finally, after more than 3 years of hesitating and rebonding.
I did both!!! I maintained my curls but somehow, I did change it a bit by chopping it off a little, have frinch and redye it to another colour.

6. Study more.
This one failed every year for sure. So hopefully, I'm able to break my record of reading all the chapters before exams this year =) I also want to know how am I going to score if I were to study hard and finish all the chapters.
I failed in this again :( Despite the fact that I did study more in Aus last year, but I did not finish all the chapters that I should.

7. Grow taller.
Another thing that I failed every year too. I don't care! I'm still going to jump till I reach 165cm because I believe that I can still grow taller XD
I'm in denial I know.
Woohooooo!!!! My health report showed that I grew 1cm taller last year! Although it's rather impossible for me to reach 165cm but being able to grow 1cm at the age of 20 is a record already. I'm feeling contented.

8. Making a mark in college by doing or organizing something BIG.
Not realizing, I'm going to leave college soon. So hopefully I'm able to carve my name in HELP before leaving! I want to have fun in college and to have something memorable to remember. Hahaha... Ok, main thing is to polish my CV
Kanasai. After the Movie@HELP business I had with friends in HELP, I did not do anything else other than creating record for loitering often in UQ Centre -____-

9. Picnic with fellow friends.
Wahahahahahaha... I know this is embarrassing because who would join me for picnic right? But I seriously think it would be sweet and memorable! Teng... you ok with it?
Failed. Whose fault????????????????? Who ffked me???? T____T

10. Visit to the orphanage.
This is also my resolution for last year but I couldn't find time or friend to accompany me over. I'm not a saint or what-so-ever. I just feel happy to let the kids know that there are people who cared for them.
I really need to get serious on this. I don't need many but just 1 person to accompany me to the orphanage is more than enough but my friends all said that they are not interested to go to such places. Why???

I've accomplished 6 out of 10 resolutions for last year! Not too bad isn't it? 60% leh!!!

Well, as for my resolution for 2009...

1) I want to be happier. That I mean by looking at things more positively and be contented with what is given to me. Second half of 2008 has been very miserable for me so hopefully the one above will be more lenient with me this year.

2) Get a job that I'm interested in and learn as much as I could from the company and more importantly, make sure that I perform well.

3) Care and spend more time with the people around me be it family or friends. More and more friends are leaving to further their studies in overseas so hopefully I'm still able to keep in touch with them.

That's all. The 3 resolutions above may sound easy but I find it pretty hard to accomplish at the same time. I'll just hope for the best lah.

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