Saturday, January 17, 2009

2 days ago...

(My colleagues suddenly surrounded me)

All: Hey Jaclyn! Tell us tell us! How old are you actually?

Me: o_O What an odd question to ask. You all guess?

All: Erm... Perhaps 18 or 19?

Me: Wahahahahahaha... Do I look that young? Omg I'm so damn happy!

All: Then how old are you?

Me: Well, I'm already 21.

All: What??? 21? We didn't expect that...

Me: :)

All: .......

Me: .......

All: .......

Me: Why? You all very disappointed that I'm so old is it????

But later on they found out that I'll be turning 22 this year, they all said that I'm deceiving them. Where got??? I am 21 years old now. In fact, I just turned 21 no longer than half a year (5 months only)and now people are already forcing me to admit myself as 22 year old girl. Life's so unfair.

Anyway, yesterday there are a few male colleagues invited me to go with them to our company's CNY party but seriously, I think I shouldn't be going as I'm not even a permanent staff though I'm really interested to know how a company's party may looks like :(

Blah. So sad.
Sorry to those that I said 'no' to. Thanks for inviting me yea :)

Though my life is good now (at least better than last year's), I'm missing Australia very much! LOL. I can't wait to go back :p I miss all the Korean and Japanese food!!!

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