Saturday, December 20, 2008

Unveil the Truth of Your Dreamgirl

Have you ever wonder how your favourite actress or singer looks like without the wonders of make up and photoshop?

I'm about to show you a few actresses and singers here that I received from an email by Irene dear.

Are you... ready?

Rainie Yang

This is how every guy's dreamgirl looks like without make up!

Ariel Lin

Alright. I think she don't look too bad without make up :) In fact she looks really fresh and young without it.

So good to be young isn't it?

Sandy Lam

Not much difference also. The eyes are still the same.

I don't know your name so sorry

This is a bit unfair. I think that photo of her on the left is pretty long ago! I think she 'did' her eyes leh -___-

Karen Mok

Not too bad either. Maybe because I've seen her worse in Stephen Chow's movie. LOL.

Gigi Lai

Gigi with or without make up also pretty okay!!!!!! She's a born natural beauty!


Young girls don't look too bad without make up because well.... they're young!

Big S

I have to say that Big S definitely looks extremely different without make up and PS! Such a plain jane!!

Alright. Maybe she's already in her 30s but still!!! -____-'''

Elva Hsiao


Jolin Tsai

This is unfair too. The photo on the left was taken when she has skin allergy towards her dog! But undeniable that the 1 on the right was PSed to the max!!!

Stefanie Sun

Holy cow.

Zhang Ziyi

I think the before pic was taken long ago I don't know. Honestly speaking, she looks like those typical China girl on the left +_+

Lin Chi Ling

Nothing's wrong with her on the left. Just that the angle and timing taken were wrong only.

Carina Lau

Can't help it. She's not young anyway.

I like her many years ago but I can't remember her name now :(

Wahahahahaha... The photo taken looked soooo funny!!! Since I kinda like her, I don't want to say much. But you know what I want to say don't you :p

Sorry got to end this entry abruptly because I need to prepare myself to go out already.

I'm out for some lip smacking sushi!! *beams*

Have a wonderful day ahead people. Because I believe I will ;)
Miss me!

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