Sunday, December 28, 2008

Tomorrow will be another busy busy day ^.^ So Ken, I'll call you the day after alright? Gomenasai!!! Who ask you didn't make appointment with my secretary. LOL.

To you:
I don't mean to bring you spirit down today. What I really wish to see from you is that you obtain something with your own money instead of relying on everyone in the world except for yourself. For the sake of your own vanity, you expect it from others? Doesn't make sense isn't it? If I, as a girl, can be independent so many years back, why can't you?

I wish to see a more independent and generous you. I hope you understand the meaning behind it and yea, grow up :) I really hope to see a more grown up you in future. Remember, be independent!

Don't be a leech or parasite like those lazy people out there. I don't hope to see that from you. It's sad. And pathetic.

Today will another busy day for me and I love it simply because I don't like to sit still at home :p

Look of the day.

Now I'm slowly getting used to my hairstyle :) Totally a good news to me! LOL. However, my older brother called my hair as watermelon hair -____________-'''

Which part of it looks like watermelon????


Alright got to change now. Toodles~

p/s-My eyes are really that big if I don't laugh okay? Mana ada tipu??? T_T

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