Friday, December 26, 2008

Post Xmas Thoughts

Happy Boxing Day!

I had a very relaxing and unexciting Christmas celebration this year.

But before anything else, sorry to my friends who asked me out on the eve but somehow, I would like to stay at home and spend more time with family. To me, Christmas isn't really an important celebration because I'm not a Christian.

As for on the actual day itself, I spent the day with family and cousins although I have no idea why Chong cancelled the dinner with me in the end -_____-

Despite going to bed past 4, I'm forced to wake up at 7am to go to Tropicana club with my cousins for swimming.

You are damn right. Swimming.

While my brother, uncle, cousin's bf and all the little devils went for badminton, my cousin sister and I headed straight to the pool before the rest of them joined us an hour later. My cousin sister actually used me as her "dummy" to practice for her next level of diving. And I also have to practice breathing in the water with her. Damn sad.

After that, I swam around on my own with my very famous 'frog style' that I once used in Redang (I know you people miss seeing me in that style. Right? Right??) and occasionally trying to learn 'freestyle' but it's way to difficult for me :(

Hasn't been swimming for 21474126538 years, I ran out of breath soooooo quickly and at the end of the day, I felt that my energy level actually reaches 0. And mind you, it's due to my lack of stamina and not because of my age okay???

It might be the latter but I refused to believe so!!! No! It couldn't be!!!

The most embarrassing moment would be me.... being taught by my little cousins on how to swim.


I almost drown a couple of times because we went to the deep level to learn. For a moment I kinda wonder what the hell am I doing during Christmas because I'm obviously trying to suicide in the pool wtf! +____+

Conclusion is, I still need a couple of more lessons from my cousins (sibeh embarrassing to type this out I swear) in order to survive in deep water level. It's irony that I love water so much but I can't bloody swim! My parents would rather send my brother and I for Taekwando instead of swimming which I find it not so useful because we ended up using it on each other.

I seriously want to learn swimming :((((

Any cheap lesson to introduce? If free would be perfect. LOL.
If you happen to love water as much as I do, please teach me how to swim!!! Sama gang what!

On another note, for the first time in my life, I wore a pretty revealing swimsuit. Sorry I don't mean to make you puke. I didn't bring my swimming suit back and I have no choice but to wear my cousin sister's one and she has always been a daring girl. I felt so freaking insecure for the whole time I swear!

Guess I'm a conservative girl afterall. Kakakaka...

All in all I had a great time at the pool with my relatives. I'm serious. Since coming home, I realised how important it is to spend some time with family (and close relatives) because life is so fragile. You don't know when they'll leave you one fine day.

I spend almost all my Christmas with friends instead of family every year because I refused to go through any boring and unexciting Christmas at home. But somehow this year I decided to break the norm by staying at home with family instead.

And it doesn't turn out as bad as I expected.

In fact, I felt that my time spent on this special day makes it more meaningful and worth it. Now I sound so much like an old lady talking isn't it? Please don't mind because I'm in the process of entering a new phase of life. LOLLLLL

p/s - Malaysian food is sooooooo sinful!!! Despite losing a tad bit of weights before coming home, now I'm packing even more than the weights I've lost within a short period of time. Damn I should have drown in the pool earlier lorrrrr T______T

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