Thursday, December 18, 2008

New hairstyle for the year 2009!

I realised that now I'm an adult, I'm getting the pressure that ladies at the of 30 should worry about - getting a bf.

Pressure from?
My parents.

Super wtf.

Lately I've been asked many random questions by my parents about why I'm not getting a bf and worse, introducing guys to me!!!! Can someone please enlighten me on... What the hell is going on????

I know I'm old. I know I'm an adult now. But what's the rush in finding a bf? I'm only 21 years old. Not 31. And if you know me well, I'm definitely not a person who needs a bf to survive or to rely on. How irony is that I dated at the age where my parents disapprove but now that my parents want me to get a bf, I kinda reluctant to. LOL.

You need to find the right person, no? Now that I haven't found the right guy, how to get attached?

Such an unnecessary pressure -_____-'''

On another note, I got many friends who asked me to show them my new haircut. I wanted to but the thing is... I'm not really used to my new hairstyle! What's more you people?

BUT since I'll be going out on Saturday and in order not to scare you people, I guess I shall give in to you people's request by showing you my new look though I'm quite reluctant to as I intended to scare you people.

Before I show you, I have a confession to make.

I think I have a crush on my stylist - Joshua!!!

Gosh he looked a bit like Jay Chou I swear. Please imagine having Jay Chou to cut, wash and blow you hair. Please freaking imagine!!!

And he's such a humorous guy. He kept me entertained for a few hours with his lame jokes, experiences, family stuff (no idea why he tells me that in the first place) and etc. Besides asking me a lot of my personal stuff, he actually did asked me out -_____-'''

Joshua is rich boy who doesn't like to study. And he speaks pretty good English :) But I have a crush on you simply because you look like Jay Chou okay! Nothing else! Wahahahahaha.....

Damn. Should have requested him to sing me Qing Tien while he's washing my hair. Aiks.

Alright. Back to my hair.

Girl: Gosh miss... your hair falls A LOT wei...
Me: T____T Yea I know...
Girl: Like.... damn a lot!!!
Me: I know I know... T________T

Joshua: Hey Jaclyn (he knows my full name lol). Your hair falls A LOT, do you know?
Me: -_____- I know....
Joshua: That's very terrible! Luckily you hair is still thick!!!
Me: Ya wei... thank goodness T______T

Joshua: Hahahaha.... you face very round leh...
Me: *gives him immediate cock stare*
Joshua: Very very cute...
Me: T_________T

Now I can conclude that going to saloon can be pretty stressful at times. LOL.

But it's really nice to know you, Joshua.

Enough of the longgggg introduction. As you people always see...

this is me with my long hair that hasn't been cut for 6 months.

And now....

this is....

me with....

my new haircut....

*keeping my fingers crossed*

*breath in*

*breath out*


Okay. Laugh as much as you want T_________T

When Joshua told me that he wanted to close my parting and cut frinch for me (aka the Rainie Yang hair), I refused. I told him straight that I don't think 'cute look' actually suits me and I doubt that I can actually pull that look off.

But later I don't know what got into me that I actually agreed and this is what I ended up with -_- Joshua is my best stylist ever! He knew exactly what I wanted without me telling him precisely what I expect from him.

  • He knew that I don't mind getting a frinch but definitely not the Rainie Yang kinda frinch
  • He knew that I dislike my hair being too thin and layered like what Kimarie did for me 6 months ago. So he cut in a way that when my hair grows, I'll have big and thick curls!
  • He also knew that I wanted a bright dye but not those lala kinda colour. (According to many hairstylists, picking a colour for me is not a problem because my skintone actually suits a wide variety of colour! Yippie~~)

And as usual, I let the stylist do their thing because I trust them. That's my style. I'm not fussy and all I care about is the end result.


Truth be told. I kinda like my new hairstyle simply because I've never tried such hairstyle before! I make it a point to change a new look every year and though this is a drastic change, I just need some time to get used to it. That's all.


I love my new hairstyle! Can you tell?

Alright. The photo above is not convincing I know. Now I can't wait for my frinch and hair to grow!!! I do agree that my frinch is a little too short at the moment. Thank goodness my hair grows pretty fast. Thank goodness!!!

p/s - It seems like my elder bro couldn't accept the fact that I cut my frinch untill that short as he kept questioning me why did I cut it off. Za dou...

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