Friday, December 12, 2008

I officially became an aunty now!!!!!!!!!!!!

Like, just a moment ago!

My cousin brother's wife just gave birth to a baby girl!

Okay, right now I'm having mixed feelings because as everyone knows, I'm crazy over babies so I'm extremely happy but at the same time, getting the 'aunty' title is not cool 'ya know.

Guess what I got for my baby niece ^.^

Winnie the Pooh!

I just told him that I got my baby niece a plush toy but he said that she's way too young for soft toy and therefore, it is not suitable.

But it's so cute! She can keep it till she's a little older right right right??? I need someone to agree with me.... T________T

Alright. I'm going to buy her a lot of cute baby wear already.

I'm so surprised by the amount of liquor my dad has at home! Never did I imagine that I can actually open a shop to sell liquor now.

Photo taken by brother.

Amazing isn't it? A total of 69 bottles and all were kept for more than 30 years!!! Super duper valuable now. How I wish I could steal 1 to sell on ebay for some extra cash. LOL...

Shit. After this entry, are people going to break in to my house??? -____-'''

Online shopping again ^.^

Damn nice to shop with Ringgit instead of AUD lorrrrr! *wink*


Bought very few items only but nevertheless I'm broke again because those items are so expensive!

Going to purchase more by the end of this month again so must save up a little first at the moment T_T

Forehead banyak pimples maaf.

Me with new cosmetic and lipstick. You may not believe this but my lipstick was actually bought by...


It's Loreal moisture extreme in Delicate Pink just in case you want to know. I guess my dad will forever associate me with pink for the rest of my life...

But still, I love the colour that he bought for me! Well, maybe because it was given by my daddy!!! :p

Now tell me, how many of you actually have your dad choosing and buying lipstick for you???

Looking at the photo above makes me want to redye my hair desperately!!! But no cash though T____T I need a sponsor!!!!



Guess which jungle are we in? =_______=''''

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