Wednesday, December 24, 2008

I definitely felt so much better after writing a long ranting post in my previous entry.

Here, I apologise to all my readers who managed to read it right before I remove the entry due to the excessive F word that I used. LOL. I felt really bad for cursing so much okay. Though I didn't say it out verbally but I felt just as bad as typing it out.

I know I freaked you out Miss A!!! LOL. Yes, you never heard me cursing in front of you eh? I can type it out easily but will only say it out only when I'm extremely annoyed.

Yes. I'm not your typical girl next door because I don't hide or fake my feelings and emotions just to show the world that I'm an innocent and the perfect gf you can find in this world.

Now, eat that! At least I'm real and not a hypocrite.

To those lovely people who messaged me after reading the previous entry... thank you sooooo much for your concern! I don't care if you people are really concerned about me or merely wanted to kepo, I still thank you for all the advices given to me :)

You people are F nice can? Opppss...

What I've learnt:

"When people are trying to pull you down, prove to them that they have failed in doing so"
Copyright reserved.

I just want to be happy. Is that too much to ask for?

By the way... Yap Wei Ken, can you please report yourself to any of our friends from HELP UC or call me when you read this??? Better be quick right before I slaugther you! LOL!!!

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