Thursday, December 11, 2008

For the past few entries I did post up a little too many photos and I believe it's gonna suck up a lot of your bandwidth (to those who has quota). So I decided to cut down on the amount of photos for the upcoming entries for your sake :)

Some photos taken some time back.

Here I must warn you. This is an extremely vain post so do not proceed if you think you can't stand it.


Yoke Man and I in Pyramid having high tea.


My darlingsssss~

And shopping is my favourite unless cash is running low :(

After dinner, on the way to Teng's car, we stopped by at a wedding boutique to....

No. We are not getting married.


We stopped by to pose!!!

This is SO us. We love to pose a lot. Yes, A LOT! LOL.

By the way, looking at the photo above, did you find something funny?

Here, look at it again.


Look at the way Teng posed!!!!!!!!!! LMAO!!!!

She can't pretend to be sitting on an 'invincible chair' so she's forced to pose like that. She's always the joker among us I swear.

After yamcha, we went to Yoke Man's place to camwhore!!!


This is the only normal photo taken that night. Others???

Judge it yourself.


Pity Yoke Man for having to bend down a little for me! Who asked you to grow so tall???

By the way, I bought the dress above from a blogshop :) It has a mini hoodie behind so it's really cute and I love it to bits!!! And I like it because it's short but my dad dislike it to be that short wtf. But he can't say anything because I paid for it! LOL.

Damn! Online shopping is addictive!!!!


Teng forced Florence to hold the heart shape scented candle to pose but Florence clearly shows that she feels a little bit disgusted! Hahahaha....


Florence got potential to be a model seriously.


Only Teng don't have the potential lah wahahahahahaha.....

There are a few more taken but I'm lazy to resize, edit and upload to photobucket so I think these few should be more than enough to entertain you people.

Finally, I shall end with my favourite photo taken!


Freaking cool isn't it?

Alright. The camera angle sucks because I got cut off a bit T______T

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