Tuesday, December 30, 2008

All in One Entry

First of all, to those who didn't know that I came back, I don't mean to hide it from you people okay? In fact, if you are attentive enough, it's not hard to guess from all my previous entries isn't it? I did gave hints here and there!

Kudos to those who managed to guess the correct answer from my previous entries! It means that you guys really pay attention to all the little details ;) Those who didn't know, it's okay. You know now don't you?

It kinda freaks me out knowing that tomorrow is the last day for 2008! Yet, I have so many things to blog about but I just keep procrastinating by play games day and night -___-

In order to save time, I'm going to compile some of the outings into 1 entry so beware! It's going to be pretty long.
(Only those outings that I have photos taken with. Those without, too bad :p)

Among the things that I did when I came home were...


I went out with the girls to Pyramid for shopping, dinner at Yuen's, yamcha at sea park mamak and camwhore in Yoke Man's house.

(clockwise from left-Peanut wu, honeydew lou, Gyoza, mango lou @ KTZ, ss2)

Get to eat what I'm craving for while in Australia such as nasi lemak, satay, asam laksa, fish head noodles, siew pau, etc. Very sinful Malaysian food!

Christmas deco in front of The Curve.

Dinner at Tony Roma's in Cineleisure for those who came back from Aussieland with those who are in HELP UC.

This photo above proves that MFai is a BAD photographer because it's blurry!

Take 2 but the beautiful background isn't highlighted in the photo :(

A good photographer (me!!!) takes everything into consideration from the angle of the model to the background behind. LOL.

(Wtf can you see Chong and Sim peeping from behind??? Sooooo hilarious!!)

The early birds who arrived early.

YYoke+gf and Timmy+gf came late. LOL! Next time must punish.

After dinner, all of us headed over to Crystal's house before we adjourned to...

Quattro @ Avenue K for clubbing.

That night sets another record for myself because that was the fastest clubbing ever in my life! Li Lee, MFai, Sim, Timmy and I left after 45mins because the place was too packed with people!!!

So packed until we can hardly walk around!

Plus mostly uncles some more. Lagi no mood.

The highlight of the outings that I had since I came back was none other than the Star Live concert on the 13th of Dec.

I'm sooooo amazed by this new band called Y2J from Taiwan. I didn't expect them to be SO freaking famous in Malaysia! Love their songs too. It's pretty good ;)

Argggghhhhhhhh my idol Janice!!!

Jam Hsiao from China.

Fantastic entertainer, Harlem Yu.

Emil and Christine Fan Wei Qi from HK.

Emil with our Malaysian, Cheng Lee.

Cheng Lee's real person compared to photo is such a huge different okay! I was being deceived once by looking at his photo and thought, "Hey, he's quite good looking!" Damn.

My bf JJ Lin from Singapore.


Others who came as well are Vincy Chan from HK, Danny One, etc. I'll blog about it when I have the mood in future alright? Muahahaha....

Another outing with the girls again and this time, we headed over to my second home - One Utama.

Lunch at Sushi Zanmai.

I heard a lot about Sushi Zanmai even before I left for Australia about how fresh and delicious the food is over there.


I don't style my hair that way now.

I loveeee sushi!!!



I purposely order Katsudon because I wanted to compare which one 1 are better - Hanaichi or Zanmai?

Result is.... HANAICHI wins hands down!!!!

Though judging by the look, Zanmai wins of course but if taste wise, Hanaichi. The chicken isn't crunchy enough and the taste is a little odd for me. Sorry man.

Girls can really eat too.

Overall, the sushi in Zanmai are really good! I love the sushi there and expect to see me there again in future :p And it's not to say very expensive too! Each of us paid roughly about RM20 only! Cheap right?????

After that, we walked around to digest our food a little.

Now you see us. Now you don't.


Teng on air.


Oh crap. Teng kept saying that I'm more daring in dressing now since I came back from Aus T_T

Because of my low cut top and shorts lar what else? LOL


YMan don't like this photo so we have to retake.

Hope she's satisfied this time...

So so so colourful isn't it???

I love this pic a lot...

Because of my hair colour ^.^

Among other stuff that I did were:
1) shopping in the new shopping mall called Tropicana City
2) yamchas
3) meeting new friends
4) hiking
5) lots of window shoppings because now my purse is in recession
6) meeting up with friends
7) went for dinner to celebrate friend's bdays. So many Dec babies~
8) went for 2 weddings on last Sunday
9) shopping with Teng yesterday in KL and then straight to ss2 pasar malam for more shopping and sinful food
10) lazy to think anymore

I think that's about it :)

By the way, did you watch the 2 videos that I posted up in the previous entry? DID YOU???
Must watch please! Nobody can resist cute babies lor!

I wanna go back to HELP for a visit! Got lengchais or not now?

I wanna go to Chow Yang's pasar malam T_____T

Alright. Enough of my random thoughts. It's the end of the year which means, it's the time of the year for me to compile a list of events that happened to me in 2008!

That also means that I'm going to vomit blood from sorting out all the photos, resizing and uploading <- which is the killing point of all thanks to the so-called unlimited Streamyx connection that doesn't seems to improve at all throughout the year. In fact, I think it's slower than before!


Signing off! ;)

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