Monday, November 10, 2008

The Changes in Us

Here is the entry requested by Andy!

Initially I planned to write this after my exam on Saturday but since I'm giving myself a day off today (I had my exam at 8am this morning!!!), I decided to post this up today instead :)

I am aware that some of you are interested to see how much we've changed since coming over to Australia don't you? (Even if you don't, just pretend that you are!) Andy is interested to see the changes in us but he's lazy to look at the old photos himself and decided to opt for the easiest way out - by asking me to do all the job -_______-

And me being the nicest person on earth, being a good mummy and also the best blogger ever (pun intended), I went through all my collection of old photos just for this entry! JUST FOR THIS!!! I'm not going to write a lot today so no worries. Just look at the photos will do.

(Sorry my laptop's scratch disk is full again so I can't edit the old photos' quality. It doesn't matter as long as you can identify our face right?)

Below are the photos that I think they did not change much after coming over to Australia for almost 4 months.

May Yoong back in Malaysia.

May Yoong in Australia.

LOL. I still like her in short hair than long though.

Sim in Malaysia.

The current Sim in Aus.

No difference. Still stay the same.


Sylvia in Aus.

Still so skinny although she said that she had put on some weights. I'm willing to donate some fats to you if you want! LOL.

Here onwards are some whom I think they have changed a little bit. Not much. Just a bit. Judge it yourself ;)

Jordan - Before.

Jordan - After.

Face rounder a bit already XD

Timmy - Before.

Timmy - After.

Bigger in size. More muscular I think?

Yung Hui back in Malaysia.

Yung Hui now.

I think she's getting sexier and more daring in dressing in Australia :p


Look at his face (on the left) back in Foundation, 2005! Very nerdy!!!

Phan now.

Macam a bit fatter already -_____- Or more muscular also?

Skinny Andy boy.


Congratulation as you have successfully put on weights!!!!!
Your wish came true man!

Wahahahaha... Your face is so chubby in the photo above XD

Last but not least, although I'm quite reluctant to include myself as well but to be fair to my friends, I can't escape. But I really dread putting my photos lor!!!!

The photos all really cannot 'ya know T_____________T

Me back in Malaysia. Laugh lor laugh! -___________-

Photos was taken last year and I have no freaking idea I was that fat during Timmy's birthday I swear. And by the way, I miss my darling Long Ma a lot T______T

Here is the current me in Australia.

Gua gua gua. 2 hours of sleep photo XD

Somehow I looked like I've lost weights in the photo above I don't know why. But the fact is, I doubt so because I don't find my jeans or clothes getting looser. Must be the way I dressed on that day! Must be!!

On another note, please don't ask me to go on diet can? Not that I don't want to but I can't because I can get gastric very easily! I would rather let things go naturally, if you get what I mean. Fat then fat lah! Lost weights then lost weights lor!!! No biggie as long as I'm happy being me :)

However, I admit that I'm a little darker now than in Malaysia because I have to walk under the sun almost everyday!!! Huhuhu... Hope I don't look like a Malay when I go back to Malaysia next year :( I don't want the history to repeat where I was so dark after coming back from Redang and everyone called me Siti dammit -__________-

Let's hope next year I get to slim down even more okay??? That I mean by no dieting, staying the way I am and see how things go! I've promised people back in Malaysia that I won't come back as a fat girl so I'm keeping my fingers crossed now.

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