Monday, November 03, 2008

BoA will be going to U.S!

Therefore, here are 2 versions of her MVs - 1 for Asian and the other for the U.S market. Judge it yourself which one is the better version.

Eat You Up (U.S Version)

Eat You Up (Asian version)

I love BoA a lot!!! I think she's the best female dancer in Asia! Ever!

And my vote goes to the Asian version of Eat You Up. That truly shows off her dancing skills which is one of her trademark while the U.S ver shows more of her pretty face (in my opinion).

On additional note, here is Rain's new MV for his 5th album, Rainism.

Love Story (starring Ha Ji Won)

Rain is sooooo cute at the front part of the clip! I'm so kind to search and post this MV with English subtitle so if you don't understand, do click on the 'subtitle button'. Don't be shy.

Ha Ji Won is SO pretty!!! Want to see leng lui, go and watch!

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