Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Yesterday while I was in my tutorial class with Joanne, I did something pretty embarrassing.

As usual, we were having group discussion with the classmates and there's this new friend of mine called Roopey seated pretty far away from me. The thing is, when I turned behind to talk to another friend, I saw Roopey was peeling something secretly under the table.

I ignored.

Few seconds later, I looked up again and I saw him eating a BANANA!!! Unconsciously, I burst into laughter and people suddenly stared at me. Poor Roopey staring at me with the banana in his mouth, looking very lost. Seriously what the hell???? Why are you eating banana in the class?? Of all types of fruits, must it be banana?

I know this doesn't sound funny but trust me, when you see his face with the banana, you'll laugh like me too. Sorry dude for being rude (regarding you eating banana matter). I did it unconsciously okay? U-n-c-o-n-s-c-i-o-u-s-l-y!!!

Finally. FINALLY after coming here for 2 months plus, I saw a good looking boy!!!! He's really handsome I can assure you. Initially before coming over here, I though I might find guys like Wu Chun or Wang Lee Hom or maybe Wilber Pan. But dream will always stays as a dream. I didn't see any in my uni.

Not until yesterday!!! I wanted to cook bak kut teh and sweetcorn soup yesterday but realised that I don't have enough meat and champignon mushrooms. So May Yoong and I headed over to the nearest Coles to purchase some and from there, we saw this guy.

A sibeh handsome guy.

Even May Yoong also agree that he's good looking!!!

Best part of all? He was having dinner at Misushi with a bunch of guy friends and I saw a familiar face from there. That familiar looking guy is the one who plays futsal my with friends!!! Now I have 2 missions in mind.

1) Either go and berbonding with this usual futsal kaki so that he'll intro his friend to me or
2) Work in Misushi as part time


Sorry to all my girlfriends in Malaysia. I booked this one.
Yours next time alright? LOL.

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