Monday, October 13, 2008

Why Like That?

Miss A posted a very interesting entry about why most handsome/ good looking guys, be either

I quote:
a. damn bodoh (academically as well as other aspects)
b. damn self-centered and full of himself
c. damn emo
d. damn tak boleh pakai (read: disloyal and a player) OR
e. taken/married (and the taken/married ones are of good quality, haihhhh).
f. gays (added point by me LOL)

While most of the pretty girls are:

a. teramat lah mangkuk ayun
b. bimbo
c. otak kosong
d. tiada adab dan kesopanan OR
e. manja terlebih yang memualkan orang semua (except the dude whom she is manja-ing with lah, duhhh).

(Sorry I can't link to her blog due to privacy matter. But Miss A, if you want me to remove this entry, feel free to tell me okay dear?)

I was laughing like nobody's business when I read all her points because it was so damn hilarious! And so true. To be honest, I can't accept someone who is not smart as my bf (even if he looks like Wilber Pan). I don't need him to be a genius, but at least knowledgeable lah so that we can have more conversations with each other. Fine, I guess all my girlfriends already know about this point but yea, he don't have to be very smart. Just not too stupid to the very least +__+

I can't stand girls who are overly manja too!!! Damn annoying. Pretty girl manja is still bearable. Not pretty but manja some more is the worst part of all!!!!!!

Judging from the points for the guys above, now I know why I'm still single! Handsome guys are mostly gays!!! *sob* *sob* Damn true isn't it? Those who have visited to the gay bar should know :p

Nevermind. I'm still waiting for my Wilber Pan or Wang Lee Hom lookalike. LOL.

Here's what I received from email about the definition of Marketing. I used to receive this many years ago but I guess it's alright to share it with you all since it's pretty hilarious and make sense :)

You see a gorgeous girl at a part. You go up to her and say, "I'm very rich. Marry me!"

That's Direct Marketing

You are at a party with a bunch of friends and see a gorgeous girl. One of your friends goes up to her and pointing at you says, "He's very rich. Marry him."

That's Advertising.

You see a gorgeous girl at a party. You go up to her and get her telephone number. The next day you call and say, "Hi, I'm very rich. Marry me."

That's Telemarketing.

You're at a party and see a gorgeous girl. You get up and straighten your tie; you walk up to her and pour her a drink. You open the door for her, pick up her bag after she drops it, offer her a ride and then say, "By the way, I'm very rich. Will you marry me?"

That's Public Relations.

You are at a part and see a gorgeous girl. She walks up to you and says, "You're very rich. I want to marry you."

That's Brand Recognition.

You see a gorgeous girl at a party. You go up to her and say, "I'm rich. Marry me."

She gives you a nice hard slap on your face.

That's Customer Feedback.

Have a great day ahead people~ ;)

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