Sunday, October 19, 2008

Lots of funny photos will be posted up tomorrow night! It involves all my uni friends so do come back tomorrow night to have a good laugh ;) Now I got to rush off to complete my assignment T____T *sob* *sob*


While chatting with Irene in MSN, she suddenly commented about this...

Irene: Seems like ur hair really very fast long =.= one sem haven't finished hair length back to normal d

Gosh. You cannot believe how true it is!

Before cutting my hair, it was this long...

Photo taken when I worked for a charity event, Rock Up!
Sorry lah. I know the photo is a bit disturbing. LOL

Right before I came over, I cut my hair at Kim Marie and swear that I'll never go back to that place ever again because they messed up my beautiful curls.

From very long hair to medium length.
Photo taken on my farewell night with high school friends.

I like the colour of my lips above! But I can't remember which gloss I put though :(

Now, after 3 months of cutting my hair....

It's back to my normal length already -__________-

I really want to cut, perm and re-dye my hair!!! It's so screwed up now!

But most of all...

Don't grow so fast can?

It's expensive to cut hair over here T_______T

How I wish I grow in height instead. I'm just too short. Sigh.

Today's lunch...

Sweet and juicy Australian homegrown Sundowner apple with creamy yummy Yoplait Lite yogurt in French Cheesecake flavour.
(Damn. Studied too much advertising already)

I realised that I'm getting lazier to cook myself a proper meal for lunch nowadays! I only cook for dinner :p

To those yogurt lovers out there like me, YOU MUCH TRY THIS YOPLAIT YOGURT IN FRENCH CHEESECAKE!!!!!

It's da bomb!!!!!!!!

I'm not sure if they have it in Malaysia but do go and check it out okay? Sibeh nice. Really.

You may, of course, add in more types of fruits of your preference. I'm off to supermarket now to get more fruits!!! AdiĆ³s~~

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