Sunday, October 05, 2008

Which Superhero Are You?

You see, today is the last day of my precious 1 week of holiday and yet I'm slacking away like there's no tomorrow.

As I was browsing some websites just now, I came across this Superhero Quiz and did it just for fun. Superheroes are not just for the guys only isn't it? Girls can be superheroes too, no? Seriously, have you ever wonder which superhero would you be???

When I was young (which was not too long ago), I used to like Superman and Spiderman a lot. Not too much of Batman because I hate black colour last time. What about you? Maybe you thought you are similar to Superman, Batman, Spiderman or Hulk but results might prove that you are actually similar to Joker! Wahahahahahaha.... Just face the reality my friend.

Another interesting thing about the quiz is the questions asked. It's so hilarious that I actually laughed while doing it! Yes, it might be lame to do such quiz for my age but really, it's a good way to pass time and all of you should try it!!!

While doing the quiz, I kept hoping that the result will turn out to be Spiderman. Or maybe Superman. I do think that I resemble them in strength wise you know. LOL. Just that I don't wear mask because it might smudge my make up, hot and hideous.

Laugh lah laugh.

And when I'm done answering the 10 questions, I was excited to get the result. Here's what I got...

Quiz brought to you by Buy Costumes

Who is this fella?????

Reality is so cruel eh? He's so freaking ugly T_____T Okay, at least I'm not a Joker or Darth Vader. I would seriously delete this entry if the result turns out to be Darth Vader I swear.

Even IF I'm similar to Darth Vader, I guess this is how I would look like...

Darth Vader in pink!!! With Hello Kitty in the middle XD

I know I'm cute thank you very much.

Cut the crap. Go and take this Online Superhero Quiz and have a good laugh at your results. Contagious Laughter never fails to give you laughter isn't it? Just go and enjoy yourself with the quiz ;)

p/s-Please tell me if you get Spiderman or Superman okay? Let me jealous for a bit...

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