Monday, October 13, 2008

I know it's a little too late to say this now...


But it's spring in Australia!!!

Yea yea. In fact, it's wayyyy too late to say it now -_____- And the weather is bloody hot too.


But still, it's so pretty to see all the trees and flowers at its full bloom. I like it because I don't get to see such beautiful thing back in Malaysia other than my neighbor's dead bougainvillea tree.

If you are interested, the purple trees above are called jacaranda and the locals call it as the 'exam tree' because they claims that "one won't start studying for exams until the jacarandas have molted". And by the time the jacaranda in the main quadrangle flowers, it's too late to start studying for exams.


Shit. Seems like it's too late for me to study already now.

This is sooooo funny!!!

You know who Kenny Sia and Dawn Yang is don't you? The video is, of course, not created by me but I so happen to stumble upon it just now and I was laughing away while watching it. WATCH!!!

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