Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Simply Alluring


Learning Marketing for a couple of years, it is no doubt that doing business online (e-tailing) is getting more and more famous because the cost of setting up a business online is low as compared to brick and mortar business.

People are getting lazier. People want everything at their convenience in anything they do, including myself. I, particularly, love to shop online. I like to shop online because:

1) I don't have to get out of my house
2) I don't have to find parking or having to deal with traffic jams
3) Clothes are cheap at some blogshops
4) Everything is just a click away
5) I can shop comfortably at home with 1 or both legs up on the chair like the way China people sit back then. LOL.

What's not to like about online shopping you tell me. All you do is to sit in front of your computer, use your index finger to do a few clicks and your purchases will be sent to your doorstep a few days later. Whoaaaa... That IS why I like to shop online. But I don't simply choose any blogshops to shop okay. I'm sensitive to pricing and the designs because after all, I'm studying business and I should be a smart consumer too isn't it?

Benefit for you people today (other than some fun websites that I always share for entertainment), is this new online blogshop called Simply-Alluring.

Though it's new but the clothes are reasonably priced. Besides, I also like their simple layout too without being too congested and spammed like other blogshops. I'm interested in their white basic hoodie but unfortunately, I'm in Australia and they don't accept Paypal T_____T

Shipping fee to Australia is enough to make me go and sell my kidney lor!

I really like the basic hoodie la how? The owners of the Simply-Alluring, you know what to do don't you???? Can reserve for me till next year? LOL~

Seriously, what a new blogshop needs is the support from you people. Do visit to their website, spread the words, intro to your friends, advertise for them in your blog (advertise my blog also can. I don't mind at all XD), buy for your girlfriend or whatever. Who knows they might bring in more choices for their second batch if the response is good! That benefits both parties.

Click on it!

I'm so biased. This advert is better than the one I did for Picasso World last year. Oh well...

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